Advice not to pay Tepco: Don't flinch and demande the requisition even if they ask to come to the window

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 31.05.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/05/0004404

The unsolicited letter sent to the woman's house from the business transaction center of Tepco. It's written "You must come to our window because we don't issue the payment slip" on the pink underline. 
The letter like a threatening note arrived at the house of a woman living in Nakano district in Tokyo. The addresser is the Nakano zonal tariff group of Tokyo Electric Power (the business transaction center of Tepco).
The written content was: "In the case of a fraction less than billing amount, you must come to the window of our company to pay the shortfall" and "If you don't pay 20 days after the payment deadline, we refuse the transmission of electric energy" was also added.
The woman who had been thinking that she didn't want to use the electricity made from nuclear power plants read my article "How to transfer the Tepco's payment one yen less by ATM machine" (published on May 3) and started to practice in April. The payment bill amount was 3084 yens but she transfered 3083 yens. 
Then the letter arrived. "It was overbearing. I was angry to think that i had to pay the transportation cost and have to go to their window all the way. If those things happens, normal ordinary people become afraid to do anything." The woman spoked her playback of the moment. Her friend - a man who took her place - called the Nakano zonal tariff group of Tepco. Tepco admitted the fact and explained: "To pay the entire amount at once is postulated. Payment in installments is not allowed. This time we thought you just made a mistake and we resend requisition but next time it will not be possible."

But at the house of a man who practices the "non-payment act of one yen" the requisition for one yen arrives every month from the nearest  business transaction center of Tepco. Bill collector also come to his place. The man is living in Kawasaki City.
He mentioned about this fact as well on the phone with Nakano zonal tariff group of Tokyo Electric Power. The center answered that "the response to the customers might be different by the offices. If your condition makes you unable to come to our window for the payment, you should ask "the request for issurance of billing." If the person in charge didn't lie, it means he made a concession to the side of Tepco.
the requisition for 1 yen. sent to the house of a man living in Kawasaki City every month.
Akira Ôtomi, a painter, who continues to practice the act of non-payment of one yen advices: "Even if you received a letter from Tepco which says  you must come to our window to pay, just call Tepco and tell them: please send me the requisition. It's to show my will against the nuclear power. If you listen to the customer's voice, i have the will to pay. Then i'm sure Tepco will send us the requisition. Don't flinch, let's do it."
For the non-payment act, there's opinions like If you don't pay, you can't use the electricity. I often see those opinions on Twitter as well. For those opinions, Mr. Ôtomi present his point of view: "We can't choose the electricity. I use Tepco's electricity just to keep the remonstrative root. Then i practice the non-payment act. Even if i don't use Tepco's electricity by making home generation of electricity, if the accident happens, the radiation will fall over my head."
Tepco is trying to increase the price for their bonus and annual compensation although they caused a cataclysmic catastrophe and it had been authorized to be nationalized. It's not necessary to stay as ductile customers against preposterous monopoly firm.

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka & Miyako Suwa

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