Fukui Report : The chaperon of restarting nuclear plant Mr. Yoshito Sengoku just kept repeating "It's safe."

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Sengoku The Surrogate of Chairman of the Policy Research Concil looked sharply at a local official who doubt about the security of restarting the nuclear power plant. June 4 at Union Plaza Fukui. Photo by ryusaku Tanaka
This Mister is always there when there is an important decision about Japan's nuclear policy. Yoshito Sengoku, who is said to be the shadow of The Prime Minister and Electric Companies and their labor union, called The Federation of Electric Power Related Industry Workers union in Japan, put strong faith in him.

Mr. Sengoku, as an observer, attends to the Prime Minister Noda government's for ministerial conference.
(I find strange that he just attends although he has got the most powerful authority). On April 14, when Yukio Edano visited Fukui Prefecture to ask for understanding to restart the nuclear plant, Sengoku joined him and started a fight between local officials and the labor union.
This time, on June 4th, for the visit of Goshi Hosono, Minister of State for the Corporation in support of Compensation for Nuclear Damage, the the same scene was revolved.
Mr. Sengoku insisted with an emphatic manner that "it's safe, it's safe." He said that in front of all members of the prefectural assembly and the city council members and the executives of labor union. 
As the employment depends on the nuclear plant, there were no official to say clearly they were "against restarting the plant."
The questions and demands from the officials were focused on the safety. 
"If we wait for the result of investigation of NAIIC, (National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission) to decide to restart, people will understand better." "I'm worrying about spent fuel rods pool"
Mr. Sengoku does not care at all about the worry of local officials and continued the tricked explanation for which only a child could have fallen. 
"The comment The politicians made the fabrication of declaration of safety" traverses but the declaration of safety comes from the perception of specialists. There are open conferences tor hear opinions from specialists."
I thought it must be the joke of the century and i was almost dissolved into laughter.  
Moriyama, The Assistant Vice-Minister of NISA (Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency) says it's the politicians who will decide at last.
The conference for hearing of opinions is open but they are just following what Electric companies say and accept it.
And more, NISA even send the value told by electric companies as a document directly to the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan.
Does Mr.Sengoku thinks local officials don't know a fact like this one? 
Mr.Sengoku surrogate of The Chairman of the Policy Research Council explaining the position of PM Noda Government to restart the nuclear power plant. Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
The explication of Mr. Sengoku about spent fuel rod pool was an open-mouth surprise."Even if we stop all nuclear plants the spent fuel pool will exist. While interlocked to the Nuclear fuel cycle, interim storage facility and how to manage the final disposal have been pushed back since 40 years is the problem. Mr. Sengoku did spitted out. It's a real so-what attitude. Is he trying to put the responsibility to The Liberal Democratic Party? His sophistry is quite alike of him as a professor of Yuki Edano The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. Mr. Sengoku said in the end of the conference a point like "I count on each of you for your understanding the restart of the nuclear plant and also for the Japanese Economy." 
After Sengoku put a fight into the local officials and the labor union, there was an unexpected press conference but freelance journalists and internet media were excluded. I wonder if it's because of the tough questions at the conference last time.

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka

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