Health survey in Fukushima Prefecture : Yamashita vice president of Fukushima Medical University issued a decree which says "not to show the chart" and that "re-exams must be held 2 years later"

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 02.06.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/06/0004412「あなたたちは誰のために仕事をしているのか?」。政府の役人(正面席)を厳しく糾弾する男性は、福島県浪江町から埼玉県への避難者だ。=1日、参院会館。写真:田中撮影=

"Who are you working for?" The man who denounced the official of the Government (At the front bench) is an evacuee from Namie City in Fukushima to Saitama Prefecture. June 1st at Members' office building of House of Councillors of Japan in Tokyo : Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
What if as your child shows the manifestation of a serious disease you can't be informed much about the result of the examination neither pretend to get him re-examinate?The affairs which leave parents feeling helpless are happening in Fukushima Prefecture. 
The man who is in the middle of this problem is Shunichi Yamashita AKA " Mr. Hundred m/Sv ", vice president of Fukushima Medical University.
As a research of health control on citizens  of Fukushima Prefecture, 38114 children under 18 years old had an thyroid examination.
A tuber was founded for 386 children but in the case where less than 5mm is found, they are not allowed to a second test. They will have to wait for teh next two years. Concerning cysts with a size under 20 mm, it will be treated the same way. 
All this because of the vice president Yamashita issued a decree (on the photo) to the doctors. 
It's written:
"If parents call for the report, explain well and tell them that it's not necessary to re-examinate before two years."
13 460 Children have cysts smaller than 20mm founded. It's more than 35.3% of them.
182 children have got tubers bigger than 5.1mm or cysts bigger than 20.1mm. It's 0.5%. And they are treated as "just in case" and they can pretend to a second examination.


The decree from Shunichi Yamashita, Vice President of Fukushima Medical University. His orders: "Try to pull the no necessity of second exam through parents heads."
It comes across parents mind that there were so many children around the site of Chernobyl who had thyroid cancer after 1986.
And still The Fukushima Medical University which is the main body of the exam, as their basic principle, doesn't show the echography image neither the chart of the examined person.
Some parents demanded to be shown the result of the exam to the public health department of Fukushima Prefecture and they were asked to present a written request for the information. Secrecy as this is an absolute folly.
The echography and the chart belongs to the person but the person and their parents can't see them.
"Why such inhumanity is allowed?" Citizens in Fukushima Prefecture criticized the government response on June 1st at the diet. 6 officials from Cabinet Office and The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare were present.
On the side of the habitants there were about 300 people present, mainly from Fukushima Prefecture.
The inhabitants of Fukushima and the environmental group submitted a document of questions by 17 articles through a member of the Diet before.
But the officials of the government answered just for two points. (In detail only one and half articles).
"We'll take the account related to the internal exposure caused by radiation plume and iodine at the beginning of the accident before the end of the year."
and "It's under review to held the exam of the patients in Fukushima Prefecture in this year."
About the most of the questions (15 articles in 17 articles): "It's not to the government to answer those questions." "About the specific things, we are on going at the exploratory committee of Fukushima Prefecture." They just gave the blunt answers.
"Why you don't answer ?" The conference room roars in anger with no stop. 
The health research in Fukushima Prefecture is strongly considered to exist just to provide the datas for The vice president Yamashita. 
The inhabitants of Fukushima Prefecture are seething with anger for it.
" My son who is 3rd grade in high school was told by the doctor that he could see the cyst. I want to stay optimistic but there's the example of the Chernobyl Disaster. It's better to exam it every six month. Thyroid cancer progresses slowly. Almost everybody's thyroid was exposed. It's a precautionary principle, it's wrong to exam two years later." 
The heartbreaking appeal of a mother living in Fukushima never reach Dr. YAMASHITA.

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka


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