NISA (Nuclear and Energy Industrial Safety Agency) might give an audience list of opinion hearing on Nuclear Power Plant to P.D. 

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 10.07.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/07/0004673
At the hearing of stress test carried out in January, NISA forced the public to move into another room. Plain-Clothes officers guarded in distant. = Hearing at METI (Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry), January. Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
Many general audience came to the opinion hearing held by NISA at a conference room of METI. As the P.D. always consider the people against nuclear power are extreme left wing, the large number of plain-clothes officers were deployed in the room. I had imagined that the police already identified the audience, and so they did. 
On July 3, NISA held "opinion hearing on Earthquakes and Tsunami", and about 100 people from Fukui or Kansai region came to the hearing, as it was scheduled to discuss also about the fracture zone running under the Ôi  NPP. Since it was only 2 days after restarting the Ôi  NPP, it could be expected the audience would get tense. A pre-subscription was required to participate so every audience wrote down the name and address on the sheet NISA provided. However, at the hearing, the audience was forced to move to another room. For what did they come from far paying travel expenses? They could also have stayed home and watched internet live broadcast by IWJ or other medias. They took Shinkansen only to watch it in real. After the hearing, Masaru Kobayashi, the general manager of Earthquake-resistant safe investigation of NISA, announced a shocking fact. "We submitted a audience list to the police to consult them. (...) This is why the audience watched the hearing in another room." His comment was broadcasted on the internet media
Question-time for media corps. The general manager Kobayashi commented,"The P.D. also requested it (...) after going through the list" 
Citizens' groups and environmental groups voiced strong opposition and sent a a questionnaire to NISA through the office of Mizuho Fukushima. To the question,  "Who made a decision based upon which factor of the list?", NISA answered, "NISA made a decision in the previous night from the situation of protest in Ôi". NISA also said they got an approval of Minister of METI, Yukio Edano. To the question, "Did you hand it in to the police?", NISA gave an ambiguous answer. "The list is controlled properly." Mr. Yûishi Kaido, a lawyer who is acquainted with denuclearization movements says, "NISA did not say that they didn't give the list to the police". It is likely that the police got the list. It is not an argue about our privacy. We should keep it in mind that the government will impose strict controls on the protesters. 
Courtesy: Ryusaku Tanaka

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  1. Thanks for posting this update, but safety is a very important issue and it cann't be avoided in any situation. Specially at nuclear sites, proper safety precautions must be taken by safety manager. These sites are very hazardous and can result in fatal.