Strange symptoms which appear and disappear

Original text from blog of Emiko Numauchi (Numayu) in Minamisoma City 19.07.2012 http://numayu.blogspot.be/2012/07/blog-post_19.html

I couldn't raise both arms for a month.
When i stood up, i felt strong pain and it continued for a while.
When i talked about it to a doctor, he said: 
"It's better to see how it will evolve than to do something without knowing what it is". 
When i fastened my seat belt, when i rolled over in my sleep or when i changed my cloths, any action was a struggle against pain.
But 2 or 3 days ago, the pain disappeared little by little.
As suspected we don't know the cause.
What was this pain?

Courtesy : Emiko Numauchi 

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