Press conference of Hirose, president of Tepco : He only answers bad jokes from the beginning to the end 

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 19.07.2012  http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/07/0004735記者の質問に冷ややかな視線を投げる東電の広瀬社長(左)。隣は東電記者会見で「木で鼻をくくったような答え」を返す松本純一・原子力立地本部長代理。通称ブースカ。=19日、日本外国特派員協会。写真:田中撮影=

The president of Tepco, Hirose, giving cold look at the questions of reporters (To the left on the photo). Next to him is Junichi Matsumoto, deputy panel chief of nuclear power site location who always gives brusque replies, at Tepco's press conference. So called Kaiju "Booska". = July 19 at Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan : Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
It was a parade of comments which looked like Tepco is not ashamed of itself at all even after having caused the worst nuclear accident in the history of nuclear power. Naomi Hirose, chairman of Tepco, held the press conference at FCCJ (Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan). 
President Hirose said at the initial salutation: "One day Tepco has changed. We want to do our best to be said that Tepco positively opens informations to people". This is what we call to say things that one doesn't mean. He said that as if they had not restricted a freelance journalist who collects informations little by little and asks painful questions to Tepco. (I'll write about it later in this article)
When the questions and answers started, Hirose came back to life again and pretended to be innocent. It's only like that that we can become the chairman of Tepco.
A reporter from The Guardian (England): "At the NAIIC (National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission) it was said that Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident had no natural causes but that it was caused by the deep relations between Electric Company and the Japanese Government and regulating authority"
Hirose: "It's not only the National Diet, there's also the government's investigation commission and last month Tepco brought up the accident analysis report from the inside the company as well and i know there's many different opinions. But there's many things that we haven't figured out yet and it's still an ongoing process".
He was pretending not to know the fact that TEPCO has been accepting "AMAKURADI" from Nisa (Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency) which is the regulating authority. A reporter of Reuters made an objection: "You didn't answered the question".
Hirose: "I don't understand what kind of fact you are talking about. You have to read the report well and if we are not thinking the same thing, we just need to continue the investigation".
Bad traits of exchange of a question and an answer is here. The reuters reporter should have pointed out the fact of the AMAKUDARI system.
German TV: "Tepco is said to be hiding constitution. What will you do to concretely change it? Do you have any consideration of opening the meeting of shareholders to the public like the companies in the US?"
Hirose: "We are not thinking to open the shareholders' meeting yet".
What was the "emergency response manual" which was submitted privately? What kind of authority a business manager have to blab that "we won't open the shareholders meeting to the public" after their company had been nationalized ? I really couldn't stand hiding my anger against Japanese politics and media who made Tepco became as barefaced impudence as this.
Freelance Journalist Ryuichi Kino who heard questions and answers with a discouraged expression.=Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka 
Freelance Journalist Yuichi Sato (Affilation Kaitou sure Kishadan: Reporters who provide answers): "Mr.Ryuichi Kino was broadcasting Tepco's shareholders general meeting with a smart phone (voice only) and Tepco has forbidden him the press conference. As the president of Tepco, do you know this fact? Mr.Kino had been participated to Tepco's press conferences many times but he never broke the rules. Have you heard about this? How do you feel about the fact that a freelance journalist can be banned of a press conference?"
Hirose : "I know this fact but i didn't know that he didn't broke a rule at conferences". The president Hirose didn't answered about the cancel release of the banishment of Mr.Ryuichi Kino.
I can't consent to forbid Mr.Kino. On TV station they broadcasted the sound and the footage. Tepco forbids a freelance journalist who asks severe questions and they allow Kisha club's friendly reporters (Reporters Club in Japan) to be taken by the Chairman Katsumata (at the moment of the accident) to the facility trip. Is it excusable that a company who was nationalized decides the prohibition of the entrance of reporters as they like? 
By the way the questions asked by Kisha Club's reporters were so lax. A reporter from a commercial TV Station asked a question as a Tepco instrument. "Does the economic effect caused by the retard will increase the price of electricity for two months? ".
At the end of the presentation of the conference, the FCCJ President Georges Baumgartner made a strange statement. "It took us 16 months to invite the president of Tepco here…(An omission)…I hope we'll get along each other. I hope he'll come back again here". 
A supporting member, ex newspaper journalist became mad about the statement. "We don't want to get along with Tepco. I expected reporters to ask severe questions to President Hirose and Deputy Panel Chief Matsumoto but the presenter appointed only the acquaintances reporters who ask lax questions .I had the impression that he wanted to protect Tepco". 
After the conference, i went to press questions to Mr. Baumgartner about the artificial proceedings of the conference. Mr.Baumgartner repeated: "It took us 16 months to invite Tepco's president". When i asked "so that you excluded the reporters who may ask severe questions?", he didn't answered to the question.
Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka
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