No, It's not true, Dr. Kodama!

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 28.06.2012 

- I heard that you came to work as a volunteer in Minamisoma in the end of May and started field works around June 10.

- Did you say "school buses" ran outside of the areas within 30 km, where the people are forced to stay by "the government"? No, it's not the government, but the mayor who made the decision. The cabinet office chided him for the decision, however, he rejected saying " Tell it to Fukushima City and Kôriyama City".

- And you said, "Mr. Hosono, Minister of Environment, removed the areas from emergency evacuation preparation zone due to the school bus issue". 
When an area is set,  envisioned emergencies such as explosion are taken into consideration. "Going to school by bus" can't be a reason. 

- (27:36)  What did you mean by saying "decontamination operation under the initiative of residents"? We want no more exposure. 

- (27:57) "Decontamination should be carried out by isolating the radioactive materials from the environment and let them decay"
"300 years later, It will become normal again"

"After the decontamination work of Kashima Kindergarden, the radiation level in the classrooms was 1.2mSV, and the roof was 0.5 microSV (The kindergarden was about 32km from the NPP)."

You say "protect children and pregnant women". However, though the kindergarden was cleaned by the decontamination work, those children live in the houses and environment of the high radiation level. Can we leave it like that? 

You are disappointed that "SPEEDI data wasn't published, which costed 12,800,000,000 yen" . I would like to ask you to publish data of soil and other samples that you measured at Tokyo University. (According to Professor Shozugawa, University's Radioisotope Center started gathering plants and soil in March in the caution zone)

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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