Yomiuri put all one's efforts towards the human resource management of Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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In the morning of July 20, the day the meeting against restart nuclear power plant was held in front of the PM's Office, some media reported about the human resource management of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. =July 20 in the evening in front of PM's Office. Photo by Miyako Suwa
There is no other human resource management which makes fun of people until this point. What was the lesson from Fukushima Nuclear Plant Accident? It is said that Shunichi Tanaka, the Former Chairman of Atomic Energy Society of Japan was informally decided to be the first committee chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission which will be inaugurated in September. The Government was supposed to bring up the human resource management on July 20 but the Liberal Democratic Party had bounced back after the information leaked out in some media (Yomiuri and Nikkei). The presentation have been held. Yomiuri and Nikkei reported it on July 20 in their morning edition and it was reported in other newspapers in the afternoon editions.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is the organization standing on the Nuclear Regulatory Agency which has sole power over Nuclear Regulatory administrations. It has been separated to the Cabinet Office (Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (NISA: Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency), The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Radiation Monitoring Management). The Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has mighty power and full authority. It will have a great influence on the restart of nuclear power plant as planned by the electricity companies.
Mr.Tanaka who was the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan, which has been playing the center role in promoting nuclear power, was formally decided to be the committee chairman of it. He was holding secret meetings with electric companies and has also been working as the deputy committee chairman of the Japan Atomic Energy Commission (who is facing a criminal accusation). Mr.Tanaka had repeated words which were accorded to Tepco's benefit as the member of screening panel of nuclear power damage compensation incident. His word "It's not necessary to do the decontamination work in the areas with under 20mSv measures" is well known. He has the position of the mayor in the Japan's Nuclear Power Village.
It is not good to be underrated. Even if the regime changes, it will not be changed. It's an independent commission and nobody can't complain until the five years terms. The Japan's Nuclear Power Village will do anything to make the Government accept this human resource management. When we read "Hurry for this human resource management" in the lead editorial of The Daily Yomiuri Journal, we can understand.
The urgent press conference express dissent against the human resource management of Nuclear Power Regulatory Commission=July 24 at the house of representatives hall : Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
Citizens in Fukushima Prefecture, scholars and environmental groups who express disentment against the insane human resource management of the Nuclear Power Regulatory Commission held a press conference in the urgency on July 24 inside the National Diet. Kisha Club medias which played a role in manipulating public opinion for Japan's Nuclear Power Village came to scout the "temperature of the anti nukes", it was not a coverage to write articles.
The attendance, who knew this fact, condemned completely this human resource management which ignores public opinion.
Mr.Toshiro Kojima, a professor of the Aoyama Gakuin University who worked for the support of pollution victims in the Ministry of the Environment, expressed severly that "It's the same thing as if a leader of a motorcycle gang becomes the chief of the headquarters of the motorcycle gangs regulatory head office".
Mrs. Sachiko Sato, the representative of "Fukushima Network to protect children from the radiation", spoked to express the anger of local citizens. "Shunichi Yamashita (The vice president of Fukushima Medical University) has become the adviser of radiation in Fukushima Prefecture while we didn't know anything about it. They are doing the same thing for the human resource management this time. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is The Nuclear Power Promotion Commission!".
Mr.Katsutaka Idogawa, the mayor of Futaba-chô appropriately pointed out: "There will be no democracy in Japan if we don't learn anything and what we demand is to think well about the Fukushima Nuclear Accident."
So many people have moved to Western Japan to avoid the radiation contamination. People who continue to live in the region of the capital are afraid of the health damages for themselves and their children. It will be a nation which assumes the cost of the compensation and we don't know the extent of its inflation. The source material is hard-earned tax money. 
If we don't express disentment now against the human resource management of the Nuclear Power Regulatory Commission, people will stay  slaves of electric companies for all their lives.
Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka & Miyako Suwa

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