Last Struggle in July: Appeal a plight in Fukushima and don't let the memory of the accident fade 

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 02.07.2012 http://mak55.exblog.jp/16217374/

This month is the last chance for us, the victims of the nuclear accident. 
The opponent intends to end it in an unilateral way, by lifting the closure of restricted area, providing the toll-free expressway, cutting compensation payment for the victims and so on. In order to realize it, they are trying to make the memory of the incident fade away by all means, and control the people with information manipulation. 

The two goals, which are "Breaking with nuclear power generation" and "Relief of Fulushima" , should be achieved through parallel efforts. 

However, while the protest against restarting the nuclear plant are growing popular, the sufferings and anxieties of the people in Fukushima are being ignored. 
People from Fukushima, please send your message now! Compensation payment will be cut in September. How can you do without it? 

Though the authorities declare that one doesn't get health damage when annual exposure is no more than 20mSV, can you really return home and live a life there? 

At the time of the accident, the administration didn't distribute iodine preparation that can protect your health, so do you really think that you can receive lifetime compensation if you become sick? 

You lost your job, separated with your family, and how will you re-start your life in a strange land? 

It's now to complain, or it will be too late!! 

Fathers, Mothers and Children from Fukushima! 

The best way is to call on the member of the parliament to include the compensation in the law. 
Otherwise, you will have to fight and carry your anger and resentment for all your life. 

I remind you that parliamentary members can make a law. 

There is almost no use suing TEPCO. TEPCO has the larger advantage over us. 

Don't pay legal fee for nothing, because the parliamentary members are able to make a law to save us. 

This is the most possible, clear... and unfortunately, a stillborn proposal. Media never play up the topic. Is it information manipulation? 

If it came to a trial, TEPCO will benefit from the settlements and you will be implemented a disadvantage. 

You have the rights to demand compensation from the state (not TEPCO because TEPCO is substantially socialized), as a victim of state policy. 

It is clear that local administrations don't bother themselves to fight for you. 

You should send email to the parliamentary member who will listen to you. 
Disaster Victims Relief Law was made. 

I also want to introduce a parliamentary member, Ms. Kuniko Tanioka. 
Her site: "Why can't we become happy?" (JAPANESE ONLY)

You can contact her from the link. 

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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  1. Mr. Oyama I feel for you and your family, loved ones. We are fighting here in US also, but ironically, enemy is too big to see. I write letters and encourage same from others; to little avail so far but we keep trying as there is no alternative.