Verification : Why the administration didn't distribute iodine preparation?

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 05.07.2012 http://mak55.exblog.jp/16246774/

We are going to hold a meeting to edit a city assembly newsletter about the conference of June. 
At the conference, the city mayor's accident response from the very beginning was examined and verified. The newsletter will provide a veritable report to all of you. 

Using a flip during general inquiry, which is allowed in parliament, is not allowed in a city assembly. 

The conference was videotaped and uploaded on internet, which can provide clear evidence. 
Q: According to the Prefecture Fukushima, the radiation level measured more than 30 microSV in Haramachi and Kodaka District (Both are in Minamisoma) after the explosion of Reactor 1. Minamisoma ignored the instruction to stay indoors issued by the prime minister on 15th, when 5.000 people evacuated by bus. Did you check the radiation doses with the prefecture then? 

A: We couldn't get through on the radio, and the prefecture didn't provide any information. 

Q: 3000 tablet of iodine preparation was distributed only to some people, medication that is known to have deadly side effects. Why don't you conduct a follow-up investigation. 

A: I will examine the necessity of it. 


I stripped the inquiry to bare bones, as the number of letters each blog article can display is limited, but the video recording was also posted, so I'd like to you to read the article if you have time.

Quote from commentary------

It's terrifying that radioactivity is settling into a routine. I temporary returned home on the other day. A construction worker who I hired to clean after the mudslide asked me why I was scared of radiation, or why I didn't get dressed in a protective clothing. I thought he was partly right, and as we went on chatting, I found myself not be able to talk about protection any more... 

In fact, this neighborhood marks the high radiation level as much as 5 microSV/hour and it shows no sign of decreasing. The doses measures indoors are no less than 3 microSV/hour. 

I have made every effort to minimize the amount of time to stay home, and leave quickly as soon as I have done what I have to do. 

People are optimistic about radiation, because they don't know about it. (Or they are brainwashed to be optimistic)
We need to make changes to the actual situation not to burden children with any more sufferings. 

The investigation for a decontamination operation of Kodaka district has been started, and as it is conducted under the initiative of environment ministry, it was general contractor who got a contract. 

We need not to make an easy agreement either to the decontamination operation or to the investigation. We should say what we need to say for our futures in order not to be taken advantage of. 
These days, I feel that it is important to follow my own judgement. 

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama 

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