The shift into domestic flours: Hard wheat flour "Yume Chikara (Dream Power)" and flour from local production is going to be consumed under the shape of breads in school meals. The bread for school meals is the only place flour produced in Tôhoku and Kantô region can be consumed.

Journalist Kouta Kinoshita's Twitter
In Ukraine and Belarus people had enormous damages on their health consuming flour. The transition percentage of radioactive substances is high. Bread of school-provided lunch is the only place the flour produced in Tôhoku and Kantô region can be consumed so they are trying to do something about it. Do they want to kill children? I can't forgive. Adults in Tokyo are insane. I can't let it happen.

Japan's Agriculture Journal 
Zenpanren (Japan's federation of cooperatives of bread), the bread making trade association who delivers bread for school food service begun in earnest to establish a system to switch the imported flour to domestic flour in stages. The flour will be used for school meals as a basic ingredient from 2013. 
They are planning to blend "Yume Chikara" which is hard wheat flour breed and various all-purpose flour from each local places and to provide bread as original breads to each local regions.
They organize workshops about production method with those involved people such as bread makers, flour milling companies and school food service groups.
This action assignment has raw material costs that are higher than with imported flour and they demand support to the government for improving food self-sufficiency. 

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