1.500 people out of 100.000 will die early because of radiation! 

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 24.07.2012 http://mak55.exblog.jp/16452807/

Video "Fukushima Radiation NOT SAFE!" - underestimated risk of infant/child cancer 
Ian Goddart 

Following the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the Japanese government raised the level of allowable radiation exposure from 1 to 20 mSV/year even for children. 

According to the NHK news, 2011 April 20, the ministry of education, cultures, sports, science and technology announced that amount of radiation that a child can be exposed in one year is 20 mSV. Officials proclaimed that 20 mSV/y is safe, but is it? 

 In this video, we'll test the official claimer of safety against the established radiobiological science. 

According to the United State's national academy of science, 20 mSV of radiation can not only cause the cancers all across Fukushima but will primarily kill women and children. 

The 15-country collaborative study of cancer risk among radiation workers in the nuclear industry. 
The average exposure is 2 mSV/y. 

In this video, we will test the official claimer of safety against recently published research, such as the largest study of nuclear workers ever conducted, comprising over 400.000 workers in 50 countries. The study found increased cancer mortality among nuclear workers exposed to the average of 2 mSV/y. 
That's just one tenth of 20 mSV/y allowed in Fukushima. 

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Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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