Statement Archive of Minamisoma City Mayor Sakurai: "3 days was enough to remove the order to stay indoors" 

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 05.07.2012 http://mak55.exblog.jp/16243462/

The prime minister ordered (the people who lived near Fukushima Daiichi) to stay indoors on 15th March. 

So far, from data gained at the monitoring post in the east side of the city, we know that Minamisoma marked the highest air dose on 20th. 

Some people were under the wrong impression that the accident was over after the explosions, and that Minamisoma was safe because its air dose was lower than Fukushima City.
(Minamisoma shares a border with Iidatemura village. Villages at the foot of the mountains cannot get rid of contamination...) 

After the explosion, the steam came out and there was a concern if the melt-throw would be followed by vapor explosion. 

The mayor, who never goes on net, believed that Plutonium is too heavy to fly. 
This wasn't necessarily a question about his estimation, as it didn't include "uncertainty" or "future risks". 

Based on what did he make the decision?
Being responsible for people's lives, he did not ask himself a question if it was right or not. 
On the ground of decontamination plan that has been at a standstill, he is not going to collect the (radioactive) black substances. 
He needs to know that his decision not to order evacuation on 20th was wrong. 

On 17th, the governor of Prefecture Fukushima, Mr. Yuhei Sato made a phone call to the local administration of Minamisoma as a gesture of apology, after having a meeting with ministerial aids. What was the phone call about? 
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Commented by a Citizen of Minamisoma at 2012-07-05 13:49 x

The mayor Sakurai accuses the State on every count, but at the time of the accident, he ignored the evacuation directive issued by the State. We've got enough reason to recall him. 

The city of Minamisoma insists that the citizens should have personal responsibility for everything. If so, we should call on the city to clarify their matter of responsibility. 

If the mayor resigns, he will become an ordinary man. And he can't accept the blame all by himself!! 

Commented by Tororo at 2012-07-05 14:09 x
Not only the mayor, but also the prime minister and the governor of Fukushima are pathetic. There is no ticket out of where we are. 
Everyone who is in public service should take field exercise and capacity test for crisis response. 

Japan Self-Defense Forces (SDF) stated at the night on 14th that evacuation range should be extended to the areas within 100 km from the accident site. It wasn't mere SDF inside information, but also the intention to save people's lives, was it? 

Reactor 2 exploded in the early on 15th, which resulted in the biggest amount of radioactivity leakage among the 3 units. However, building housing reactor 2 did not get damaged by hydrogen explosion, because the panel functioned to prevent it. 
Radioactivity did not get blasted off at once, but spread slowly in the air over some days. In Minamisoma, the highest dose was recorded on 20th. 

In fact, when the prime minister ordered the people in the areas within 30 km to stay indoors, he was right. 

Meanwhile, the mayor Sakurai prejudged that risks had passed after the explosions of reactor 2 and 3 on 15th, and he still hasn't comprehended that he made a mistake. 

He commented that the state didn't give any instruction, believing that his decision was all right. He hasn't been able to realize that he was wrong when he decided not to follow a government's instruction. 

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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