Response to Ajisai Revolution (*(Ajisai=hydrangea, symbol of Japanese June. It's already in July, but this project started last month) 

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 07.07.2012 http://mak55.exblog.jp/16260867/

I've just recalled something important that happened at the time. 
I was discussing about the probability of "China Syndrome" (Meltdown) with my colleagues in front of the mayor's office. There are Secretary Division and the department chief's desk. 
The topic was often discussed in the office, according to the workers. 

So it is hardly impossible that it never caught the mayor's ears. However, he never took into account the probability of meltdown, and ignored the evacuation order with many uncertainty remaining. I have to accuse him for giving priority to economics over the people's life. 

On 24th, he said that he might recommend a evacuation in a videotaped message, but actually, he didn't do anything because Mr. Takamura (a representative of Democratic Party) had informed him that the national government would make a decision on this matter. 

When he said that the city should begin to rebuild its economy while the crisis was still going on,  I raised an eyebrow in doubt. 

He said, "The government should lift restriction of the border of within 30 km, so that the people can evacuate home on their own if anything happens." 


The roads were devastated by the tsunami, and only escape path that survived was the one to Fukushima City. If anything happened again, it would have destroyed Minamisoma forever. 

He didn't assure the security. Instead, he gave priority to the economics. He didn't bother to protect the children. 
He sacrificed the people's life to protect some people who didn't evacuate home to resume business operations. 

He was wrong. The top priority is human life. Secondly, the livings, and then economics. 

I will give further explanation to make it clear. 

Japan is shackled by the government structure, collusive ties among politicians, bureaucrats, business executives, intelligences and law judges, and civil agents (those who are paid to participate in political activities). 

Recently, the time seems ripe to abandoning the nuclear power generation. Will it lead to renewal of Japan or should we eventually leave Japan? 
Can we pull ourselves back from the brink of fall or not? 

Japanese society can be described that it has gone back to the feudal era. It seems entirely shut in, allowing the weak being victims of the stronger. Even the status system of the Edo period has began to appear in the society again. 
Those who get intimate with the authorities can abuse tax money. 
At the bottom of the Pyramid structure, civil agents are crowding around money. They will do anything for money. 
When you look into the ruling class, they are taking a lot of advantages from their extensive contacts, such as lobbying of economic associations, backdoor admissions, or pulling some strings to get the jobs for their children. It's just like a mutual aid society or a privilege saloon. 

Some people say that the project of processing the radioactive rubble has moneyed interest. 
The others say that money makes a municipality host a nuclear plant. 
Neither am I involved into, but it probably is true. 

When I made a hypothetical question at a conference, some member of assembly answered that he was not ready to give answer to any assumption. He could simply say, "I don't want to answer it". 
Because he was just worried if I would catch something tripping, or maybe he wanted to avoid saying unnecessary things. 
I'm sorry that he made no sense. There was no point asking to him. 

I will continue writing about the matter of "money" and "human life". 

You'll have difficulty understanding this interview unless you are VERY good at reading.. LOL  (* The city mayor Sakurai is awkward in speech)   
* I already submitted the following references. 
The chief cabinet secretary issued an instruction at 07:40 March 25
"In case if an order is issued to evacuate from the areas within 20-30 km, 
the city government office of Minamisoma that is included into the area should move its political function to somewhere outside of 30 km such as a branch office. 

In fact, the announcement is to demand preparation to evacuate. An Airborne Brigade, that came quickly to Minamisoma to gather information, conducted an emergency drill, but didn't carry out preparations for evacuation. 

In contrast, the people were prepared for the announcement of the central government after the press release of the previous day. 

On that day, I was in the city government office and waiting for the press conference about the instruction with keen interest, During the time, I kept discovering the strange things. 

SPEEDI data. The mayor's decision to ignore the order from the central government. When the prime minister told the people to stay indoors, the mayor evacuated them without distributing iodine preparation. When the chief cabinet secretary recommended an instruction of evacuation, he said no. 

Then he justified himself saying that his mission was to protect the people's life and health. 

He shouldn't have taken such an inconsistent policy at a time of crisis. He was two-timing. Which one did he choose? 

Actually, neither of them. 

The decision was made to the advantage of the power such as "business operators" or "the city". He did never see the situation through the lens of parents who have young children. Wrong political decision is often made in this way. 

The mayor doesn't have a child, so that he never take the children into account, who suffer most from the accident. 

When urged to make an ultimate choice at a crisis, it's always between life and money. 

All the other municipalities within 30 km evacuated the residents and moved the government office. 

I think he should have evacuated the people even for briefly, even if it was going to cause some financial loss. 

I don't agree with the national government either. 

They emphasized that they would secure the people's security by conducting a decontamination operation, and once the decontamination is successfully done, the people will be returned home. However, they raised the annual allowable exposure up to 100mSV excusing themselves that it is emergency. 

Taking paradoxical measures, they still insist that the people's life and security is top priorities. They are justifying themselves. 

More than 10.000 people are still living in the highly contaminated area in Haramachi and Kashima District (close to Iidatemura) that are within 20 km from the plant. They are being exposed to radiation. Children are not wearing masks in the city where a decontamination work hasn't been sure to be conducted. 

The mayor recklessly made the people return home, and then tries to give us an impression that we don't have to worry about internal exposure by measuring only Cesium doses or exhibiting only a part of radiation measurements. He even ignores the fact that the black substances that release the radiation of 100.000 bq are everywhere. 

I can't help considering that he sacrifices the people's life to defend something else. 

The people also believe there is contradiction, and they are buzzing gossip about the mayor. 

When one gives priority to economics and interests, he/she can't make a right decision. 
We should realize a society where the people's life is top priority, and children and the weak are most cared. 
We are still far from that. In Japan, the beast always win. Human beings kill other human beings in this country. 

We need to be aware of this. 

As Kuniko Tanioka declares, mammonism and worship of money foment sufferings and miseries. 

Mammonism, which is another type of contamination is the society, is spreading radiation contamination over the wider area. 

And as usual, the authorities neglect the duties which will be paid for by future generation. 

They show no sign of remorse, which invites public indignation. So many people are assembling in front of the prime minister's office every week. 

We woke up. 

How are they going to simmer us down? New trick? Media finally began to report the protest reluctantly. But maybe they are preparing new campaign for defending the power? Their famous trick to obscure the problems.

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama 

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