Apply of the provisional ruling : Punishment under the law for the Kisha Club (Japan's reporters club) who creates a monopoly of the National Diet reporters hall of National Diet for free

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 17.07.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/07/0004721
Kisha Club prohibits the entrance of tax-payers although they are living on a nationally-owned land = July 13 in the evening at National Diet reporters hall. = Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
National diet reporters club can move into the center of the PM's Office for free. Which exists in the prime land just next to the Diet Building. A video journalist who was not allowed to go up to the building top-floor for filming applied today at Tokyo District Court for the provisional disposition order against the government and National Diet reporters club to let them use the building top.

The person who filed the complaint is Mrs. Hajime Shiraishi, the representative director of NPO corporation "Our Planet TV". Mrs. Shiraishi told me the how and why.
On friday, July 6th, Mrs. Shiraishi tried to go up on the roof of the National Diet reporters club hall to film the whole scene of the meeting opposed to the restart of nuclear power plants which became a national movement and was refused by the National Diet reporters club's office.
On July 12, she sent a fax to the National Diet reporters club for the application and on the next day she visited the building accompanied by a lawyer. The director general of National Diet reporters club, Toshiyuki Saga, responded.

According to Mr.Saga, "I sought the judgment on lead manager (Kyodo Press, Asahi Journal, Nishi-nippon (Western Japan) Journal, TV Tokyo) but they told us that they can't allow it". 
On July 13 an old man who participated to the protest meeting in front of the PM's Office went into the hall to use the bathroom but he was stopped by the staff at the entrance of the field. It's hard for an old man who has to wait to do the business. It's also a humanitarian issue. 
I raised my voice. "I can't understand why you control tax-payers to enter into the field although you are a freeloader of a nationally-owned land? I may understand this, if it was the office of the House of Representatives who told so. What kind of rights the National Diet reporters club has to do such a thing?" It was filmed by IWJ (Iwakami Yasumi Journal). Mr. Saga, the general director explained: "The reporters club uses have a history of 120 years and we are in charge of the management of the hall demanded by the House of Representatives". Mr.Saga explained the same thing to Mrs. Shiraishi and her lawyer.
The staff of National Diet reporters club who blow off a tax-payer who asked to use the bathroom.=Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
The reporters club uses the nationally-owned land for free under the pretext of "responses to the right of people to know the facts". They can't limit the use of other medias who also want to let people know the facts. Mr.Daisuke Igeta, the lawyer who became the placeholder of Mrs. Shiraishi, pointed out severely that "Kisha Club has the right to make reportages but they don't know what is a free one. They don't know how to decide what is an appropriate coverage and what coverage is incorrect and they don't know about liberty in a reportage. It's the theory of a junior high school student". 
As we can see in the coverage of the Nuclear Power Plant Accident, the consumption tax, the political situation of Ozawa, it's not sure that Kisha Club's medias respond to the people's right to know. There's even a point where Kisha Club tortured the facts into convenient fiction for their own trade. It has come to this although they are freeloaders of a nationally-owned land. 
One can argue that a monopolized use of National Diet reporters hall by Kisha Club is a suicidal action of reportage.
Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka

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