We need to send public opinions from all over the world. The policy of PM Noda's regime on nuclear energy in Japan concerns us all! 

Let's write to the PM's Office of Japan! 

Send PUBLIC COMMENT to the Japanese Government!
Until 12 August 18pm Local time for the public opinion and everyday for your opinion! 
Do you want Japan to have in 2030,
1. 0% of Nuclear Energy 
2. 15% of Nuclear Energy 
3. 20-25% of Nuclear Energy 

Please write your opinions and send it to the Japanese Government.

I personally can't imagine anything else than 0% because The Japanese Government's response after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident is quite insane without any compensation for the victims, so many lies and nobody took the responsibility. I don't think Japan can finish Fukushima Accident in 2030, neither.
What kind of country ignores people's life and people's opinion so cruelly?
I can't trust them. And there's so many earthquakes and other natural disasters in Japan. Please tell The Japanese Government your sincere opinion about their policy on nuclear energy and let's stop it! 

We really need opinions from all over the world. I also think The Japanese Government's Policy on Nukes concerns us all. It's not only a problem for Japan, it is one for all of us. 

Contact sheet : 
PM's Office Twitter @JPN_PMO 
Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet website 
Tell Tepco to stop hiding informations and tell them to take their responsibilities / Please send your opinions!                        
Tepco's Twitter https://twitter.com/TEPCO_English

Let's Call Goshi Hosono & tell him NO! to spread debris all over japan! 
Tel : 03-3508-7116 : 0545-55-5411 
his twitter @hosonogoshi54

Let's Call & Write @ Yukio Edano to say NO Nukes ! 
Tel 048-648-9124 : 03-3508-7448 
FAX 03-3591-2249 

Tell Kansai Electric Power Co.Inc to stop the restart of Ôi Nuclear power plant in Fukui!! They have restarted reactor 4 as well. We have to tell them our opinion.
There's a contact sheet on their website 
KEPCO Twitter @KANDEN_Official

++ Please check out those websites 

Nuclear banks? No Thanks! 

100 Gute Gründe Gegen Atomkraft : Wrack AB!

100 Good Reasons Against Nuclear Power
100 bonnes raisons pour être contre
l'énergie atomique

原子力に反対する 100 個の十分な理由

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  1. Thank you so much for the information. I put together a list of "action items" for my blog fukushimawatch.blogspot but some of the comment pages were in Japanese; now I have english ones thanks to you.

    I also want to offer you some items you might find helpful, first here is email for Goshi Hosono: http://goshi.org/contact/
    Also you can write him at the Ministry of the Environment: https://www.env.go.jp/en/moemail/

    You can even try to write the Emperor Akihito, at the Imperial Household Agency -fat chance, but why not?: information@kunaicho.go.jp

    Then there is the Municipal Government of Fukushima Prefecture, if you want to complain about the re-opening of the beach: kouho@pref.fukushima.jp
    And the Iwaki City Government: https://www.city.iwaki.fukushima.jp/cgi-bin/contact.cgi?mail=1320
    unfortunately the last in only in Japanese but I translated the form fields to english (with Google's help:
    1. Do you want a reply from the city?
    A. Yes B. No
    2. Subject
    3. Body of letter
    4. Email address
    5. confirm email address
    6. Name
    7. Furigana (just put: n/a)
    8. Address
    9. Telephone.
    At the bottom are two buttons, click the left. Then page reloads to confirm. Click the bottom left again.

    I hope this helps, I am glad to update my contacts section! Good luck with all things.

  2. If you ever want some translation to English checked for grammar, let me know. The English is very good but sometimes it could be made more clear, or more "smooth." I mean no disrespect but I often helped a friend from South America with this.