For Denuclearization; Concept for Internet State Japan PART2

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 02.07.2012 http://mak55.exblog.jp/16215966/

Japan made such a big mistake to restart Ohma Nuclear Plant. 
In this situation, what we can do it checking if electricity supply meets demand during this summer, and providing clear evidence that electricity supply is sufficient without nuclear power generation. 

If supply is not sufficient, we can do all kinds of things to cut down electricity usage. 
Saving power is not the only way. 
During the Oil Shock, energy saving was promoted. 
Meanwhile, NHK or other TV stations don't broadcast any energy saving campaign this time. 

Only to justify restarting the power plant, media just mumble "Electricity will be insufficient without it..." 

Japan has been proud of the world top efficiency that cut waste. 

Technology innovation keeps advancing, so we can cut down more electricity usage this way and that. However... Wastes of our society is where the money-for-influence structure grows. Some of them are even getting paid for doing nothing. 

The worst "waste" rooted in the societies exist more than needs, and they do bad things. 

In market economy, some products are decided by natural market forces, and selection is made indirectly by the people. 

However, electricity industries that are allowed by the power to adopt the current cost system in which proper profit is added to the cost or monopoly pricing, which reminds me of the communist dictatorship, is incomprehensible beings that are free from natural market forces. 

Compact, High Efficiency, and circulating -- These are the keywords. 

Japan is facing a declining population. 

"Don't construct any more" 
The bureaucrats have constructed lots of hakomono (concrete construction such as dams, airports and so on) and increased the burden of debt that next generation will not be able to manage to settle up. 

Baby boomers have aged. Many of their houses or plot are inheritable. Moreover, with the population outflow from the local regions, we can't get by with avoiding the merger and the adaptation of regional system... 
Maybe Japan is already a useless country that doesn't have worldwide role. Brain drain is one good example. 

During Edo era, when Japan was a self-sufficient country, the population was about 30.000.000 because of the hunger (which resulted in invisible differentiation) and the other conditions such as marriage issue. 

"40% self-sufficient rate is a lie" 

Oil, iron, fertilizer, feedstuff, pesticide, seeds... everything is imported. We pay a licensing fee to produce products. 

You don't need a nuclear missile to destroy Japan. If the crude materials and oil supply stops, it's over. 
Japan is the world third military superpower, however, it won't work without oil. 

Japan will ruin itself if imports stop and it buys weapons only to please someone. 

Japan's ridiculousness was already observed during the WW2. Today, along the coast of this powerless country, 54 nuclear plants line up as attractive targets. 

A cluster bomb that cost about one hundred million yen is enough to destroy this country. We are living in such a dangerous condition. 

Of course, "Missile defense" of the USA is "officially" supposed to destroy attacking missiles though.... 
Mythological belief on Japan. 
Japan is great. Kamikaze will blow if enemy attacks. Japanese are also great. Japanese officials are great. 

In fact, Japan is a loser without ever having a fight, and a client state. 
We need to please the master.. Is this why the government is for TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)? 
Can we accept this reality?
First of all, we all have to know what is going on.. but it seems difficult. 
How many people will wake up? 
It's difficult to figure out the gigantic governance mechanism of the state or the world. 

Today, I want to introduce the site which is run by a group, and Mr. Yoshihiro Abe (non-fiction writer) as a representative. 
Easy Guide for Denuclearization (JAPANESE ONLY) 
Please follow them!! 

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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  1. "Mythological belief on Japan.
    Japan is great. Kamikaze will blow if enemy attacks. Japanese are also great. Japanese officials are great.

    In fact, Japan is a loser without ever having a fight (...)"

    I don't believe my eyes... The author of these words and you are very brave. Proud to be such Japanese. You both are true patriots.

    Best regards.