The Meeting against the restart of the nuclear power plants "Let's go in front of the PM's Office on Friday"has been fixed

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 28.07.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/07/0004793参加者の列は官邸前から霞が関前の交差点まで伸びた。=27日、午後7時30分頃、官邸前。写真:諏訪撮影=

The line of protesters extended from the front of the PM's Office to the crossroads of Kasumigaseki = July 27, around 7:30 in front of the PM's Office =Photo by Miyako Suwa
The meeting against the restart of nuclear power plants in front of the PM's Office in the evening has started to be scheduled with a one week cycle every friday by citizens. The promotors (Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes) who made the meeting happened as a routine occurrence were busy preparing the "Surround National Diet" on July 29 ; on July 27 it was organized by the other group (Opposed to restart of Nuclear Power Plant! Action all over Japan).
The person in charge of the Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes announced the meeting against the restart of nuclear power plants was going to be held on Sunday (July 29) via twitter and internet but shortly after 4pm people arrived in droves. People wanted to spew out the anger against the human resource management of Nuclear Power Regulatory Commission which was proposed to the National Diet by the Government.
The sidewalk and the roadway filed with people were separated by iron fences as before. Places without iron fences were occupied by delivery vehicles of the riot police. In front of the Diet building the police controlled the exit of the nearest subway station but a steady stream of people poured down.
The tail end reached the cross-point near Kasumigaseki. "Opposed to restart the Nuclear Power Plant, Opposed to restart the Nuclear Power Plant…" There was a woman shouting to the Ministry of Finance with a position of anteversion. She was brimming with tears. She is a housewife from Tochigi in her fifties. She explained that she was appealing the direction of the bureaucratic community in Kasumigaseki because "If we appeal to Noda, nothing will happen, so i wanted to mount a protest against government bureaucrats".
The heated appeal continued even just before the end of the meeting = Photo by Miyako Suwa 
Elderly protesters who are not familiar to internet came to know about the meeting by newspapers and TV. For example a man who came from Sagamihara City in Kanagawa Prefecture in his sixties.
"It's a good thing that it takes place in the evening every friday. I never participated to meetings neither demonstrations before. This is my first time. I participated because i heard it's not dangerous. I have been opposed to nuclear power for a long time. When there will be more and more people, it will become a true force".
The meeting is the place where people's hope against nuclear power gathers. It will never stop until all nuclear power in Japan stops.
Courtesy: Ryusaku Tanaka & Miyako Suwa

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