The Protest on every friday and "SAYONARA GENPATSU (Good-bye Nukes)"

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I went to participate to the protest action in front of the PM's Office on July 13 and to the "SAYONARA Genpatsu 100 000 Meeting" held on July 16.

Mount the protest, raise our voice and protest again!

On July 13 passed 5pm. Normally it's time to go home. But on every friday, it's different. On this friday too there was a wave of people in a stream that came out from the exit of the subway station. 
On the sidewalk in the direction of the PM's office, the protest against Fukushima Nuclear Plant Accident and the restarting of Ôi Nuclear Power Plant had started. 



On that day,when i climbed up the stairs of the subway exit, many police officers were in the line.They setup iron fences and armed trucks and controlled passes on the sidewalk to the PM's office.They explained: "It's for the security of the protesters". But as i could see it just interrupted the protest action.

A lot of people couldn't get in front of the PM's office and shouted from where they were. Much more bobble of protest against PM Noda who decided to restart the Nuclear Power Plant and also against the police who tries to break the voice of people by force. 

"SAYONARA GENPATSU (Good-bye Nukes)" of 170 000 People

Promoted by Kenzaburo Ôe, a writer, "SAYONARA GENPATSU 100000 Meeting" was held. Not only 100 000 people, but 170 000 people gathered. The football ground of main stage and event place of second stage and shrubberies around them were filled with people.
When i took a look at the participants, many people who were participating belonged to various movements but there was also a lot of people who gathered by their own will, with families and friends. 

On the second stage passed 11am, music lives and talks were held. Then passed noon on the main stage, the promotors like Kenzaburo Ôe and Jakuchô Setouchi made their speeches. Furthermore, Mr. Tetsuen Nakajima from Fukui who has been working on anti-nukes movements in the local town of Ôi Nuclear Power Plant and Mrs. Ruiko Mutô, from Fukushima, the leader of "Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Complainant organization" who lodged a criminal complainant against executive officers of Tepco have appealed. 
Mrs. Moto said: " The real situation in Fukushima is too cruel" and she revealed the severe reality of people who are pushed to commit suicide behind the fabricated fact of "Reconstruction".


After the meeting the participants separated into three directions and made parades in Tokyo Metropolitain. As on the photo, the stream of people looked like a river.

From Fukushima : The thoughts of each person

On the photo above, three people from Fukushima who participated to the meeting. In the middle of the photo is Mrs. Keiko Sasaki who makes an "appeal in silence" on the 6th of every month in front of the Fukushima Prefectural Government Building. A participant from Fukushima says that she was encouraged by the cheer from roadside while the parade and the other participant says she felt secure when she saw the loudspeaker vehicles appealing to people in Tokyo "Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident is not over".

The photo above portrays Mr.Hisao Seki who brought the contaminated soil of a garden taken at his place in Nihonmatsu City in Fukushima. He walked by foot from his place to Tokyo. What he is pointing at is the bag of the contaminated soil. He says he measures about 4micro sievert/h even today. 
Mr. Seki says that "the radiation inside this soil is not belonging to us. I want to return it to Tepco and to the Government". On July 17, he went to see the central office of Tepco and METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

Once in Japan was the history, 100 000 to 200 000 people stood up for a protest action. But for example, the 1960's wave of the campaign against the Japan‐U.S. Security Treaty pulled out by the ratification in National Diet. 
But now the wave of people's protest against nuclear power plants doesn't seem to stop anymore even if the Japanese Government made the declaration of "Restore" or restart nuclear power plants. The every friday protest will continue. And in September there will be another massive meeting with hundreds of thousands people. 

The wave will never stop until the day when people who caused Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident will quit and apologize for the victims, pay the complete compensations and when they will decide to stop all nuclear power plants and to decommission the reactors.

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