5 pregnancy out of 7 became birth defect, Down's syndrome or miscarriage in Fukushima

Original text from a blog of a person who had evacuated to Kyûshû from Fukushima
2012 June 13
Someone I know finally moved out of Fukushima to Mie (middle west of Japan). I wasn't close to her, but she told me a major incident occurred that inspired her to be scared of radiation. 
At a hospital in Fuksuhima where she was working in, 5 babies out of 7 were born with birth defect, Down's syndrome or lost by miscarriage. 
2 Down's syndrome
1 born with 6 fingers
1 anencephalia
1 miscarriage 
2 other infants were 4 months old old at the time. They have been followed over time. 

Speaking in terms of probability, it's hardly possible this happens in a same hospital. This terrified her. With experts' knowledge and experiences, it reached the conclusion that this was associated with radiation. 
After this, her husband finally agreed and her family evacuated home. (...)
I personally know three women who lost a baby by miscarriage only in this year (June or July), and they were not caring of the food safety. The only considerable cause (at least for me) is radioactivity taken in with foodstuffs.

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