Radiation damage on health became a hundred times worse !!!

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 16.07.2012 http://mak55.exblog.jp/16375987/

Radiation Effects Research Foundation issued "There's no threshold amount" which covered the theory of the scholars patronized by the government from the bottom.

The Japanese Government ignores it.
The politicians ignore it.
The media ignores it.
They ignore their own people !!!!


My own thoughts on "Ajisai Revolution Demonstration on Twitter"
"It's the role of the field of education and public administration to issue the tease and the insult in public and stop them."
"The problem is to not be able to accept the reality in a serious manner and change it!"
"Abandon the profit and self-protection and work for the society!"

"To reduce life expectancy for all people in Japan? Take the responsibility for Fukushima Diichi Nuclear Plant Accident!"
"To restart the nuclear power plant, after you take responsibility for Fukushima"
"You take the responsibility? Can you take care of this for 100 000 years?"
"To delay the problem of reducing the life of people. Evacuate children asap!"
"Medias have to talk about the article of  the Radiation Effects Research Foundation !"

Action : Demonstration on Twitter 
Motivation: Temporary staffing, Promotion of Nuclear Power, Accepting TPP (The Trans-Pacific Partnership) is a suicidal act. Never protect people and buying the nation for the protection of one part of people by concession flow back.

Method: To spread the facts by Twitter  
Because of the "20mSv/y in Fukushima" 2 children of 100 elementary school students got cancer.
There's no such thing as the threshold for radiation.
"Radiation Effects Research Foundation" made a research amongst 86000 people for 60 years.
Medias don't talk about it. Professor Kunihiko Takeda explains.

"Radiation Effects Research Foundation"published article

Japanese Version


In the article of the Radiation Effects Research Foundation is written that "everybody in Japan is a victim."
When we are exposed to the radiation, even if the quantity is low, life will be reduced. 
120,000,000 people's life will be shorter in advantage for X years and when i think of the medical cost and the sharing of social burdens, it's equal to the war.

There's still people, like in a civil war, who are wandering without a place to live, without hope.

This i sthe worst nation in history, nobody takes the responsibility and this without regretting what they have done and they smooth it over and promote nuclear power. 


I can't believe the government ignores this important article and keep restarting nuclear power plants?
We have to ask to the National Diet members.
We can't ignore the precious researches of Hiroshima and Nagasaki because it's also a desecration for the victims to ignore it.

Which mask Prime Minister will put to visit the memorial ceremony?

At least isn't there any National Diet member who can make it clear whether the article is right or wrong?


To ignore this precious scholarly is their position.
They promote nuclear energy for promotion without listing to anything else, they just go straight to the ruin.
Neither media nor Medicines or educators talk about it.
The stupid education which haven't changed like in the time of second world war, teachers tell to the students to go to war…
I'll show my opinion on"Ajisai Revolution, Demonstration on Twitter" as a citizen in Japan.

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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  1. Mr. Oyama, I feel for you and the Japanese people. We are still trying to help here, people are concerned. We wish you best luck with your revolution.