1.000.000 Bq detected in a school after a decontamination conducted!

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 11.07.2012 http://mak55.exblog.jp/16315307/

A University's research team collected lichen at the entrance of the gymnastic hall of a school that restarted after a decontamination operation, and the sample measured the Cesium radiation level, 989.000 Bq/Kg. 

According to the research team, there were some drifts (paddles?) on the ground when they collected the sample. 
I gave the name and the address of the school to the board of education. 

The board said repeatedly, "We'll conduct a decontamination of the school under the plan".
The person said nothing. 
"Unless you say when to start and when to finish, the parents will hardly feel at ease".

It was detected on the premises. 
(The board?) decided at a conference that the radioactive materials should be controlled properly, so how they are going to deal with it? 

It's obvious they will just leave it. I told them my ideas at least, but I'm not sure if this inspired them to do anything. 
Here is my idea. "Tell this to the school management staffs at first. How about recovering them as soon as possible, and then sealing them in a bag (don't scatter them in a garden), and storing them in the side ditch with lids, instead of fencing the place and waiting until rainfall and winds decontaminate them? Please tell this idea to the school principal".

Officials who do nothing without command from above are useless at emergency. 
No one makes decision to get rid of dangers. 
I want to believe that at least "school principal" won't leave the danger at the place where students walk by. 
I would go there tomorrow to make sure. 

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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  1. God bless you Mr. Oyama. You are looking out for the students. No one else to look out for them.
    You are doing good work, God's work (any God).Don't give up in your struggle, we are all with you