Stop spreading radioactive waste from Fukushima! Shimada (Shizuoka) marks the extremely high level of radiation. 

Original text from a blog of a person who had evacuated to Kyûshû from Fukushima http://blog.goo.ne.jp/fukushine777/e/bd3b4b557f300ab37f47808fd20eb68d

128.000Bq/m2 measured at a municipal school in Shimada in Shizuoka Prefecture.
2012 July 1

 According to a report, a ground dose of the school read 128.000Bq/m2 (Cs-134, Cs-137).
The measurement was carried out with an approval of Minister of Environment. The results were broadcasted on the local TV. 
Before processing 10 tons of radioactive waste from the disaster area, the level of radiation in Shimada was 1.970Bq/kg. Spreading the radioactive rubbles contaminated the city with Cesium and Strontium.

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