Massive demonstration for Denuclearization which gained force by the meeting in front of the PM's Office : "I participated as a citizen"

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 16.07.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/07/0004715サウンドカーと音楽隊に先導された参加者たちは、カーニバルのようなノリで「原発反対」をアピールした。=16日、表参道。写真:諏訪撮影=

Protesters leaded by loudspeaker vehicles and musical bands appealed "Anti Nuke" with a beat like for a carnival= July 16, Omotesandô : Photo by Miyako Suwa
The way pictures of meetings and demonstrations are taken changes the point of view. Basic photo shots of the demonstration and the meeting were bristling flags of labor associations and political groups and people walking with banners with doctrinaire slogans.The "SAYONARA (Good-bye) Nukes 100 000 Meeting" was held today in Yoyogi Garden (Promotor: Executive Committee of SAYONARA (Good-bye) Nukes 100 000 Meeting). In the main site there was a special stage which is commonly associated with massive meetings and some celebrities mounted on the stage by turns. Tens of thousand people gathered also because organizations were mobilised from all over Japan. Children, middle-aged and older people who are physically weaker also stayed under the burning sun and listened to the speeches of the people mounted on the stage. I wonder if anyone did not suffered sunstroke. The "Gensuikin" staff members who took the lead of the site were extremely arrogant. They allowed the medias to take pictures from the stage only after the meeting finished. Most of people already started to make preparations to leave the site.
Under the shorting, 170 000 people participated to the meeting. (Issued by promotor)= Yoyogi Garden : Photo by Miyako Suwa
I gave up on the political groups. I decided to follow the citizen group's demonstration which anyone could participate. There was an array which reminded me of a carnival at a corner of the leading group. It was like a parade. Leaded by loudspeaker vehicles and musical bands, the slogan was only "No nuclear power stations and no restarting of nuclear power plants". A life with health and tranquility. A normal thing for a human life threatened by nuclear power. A torrential energy was gathered for denuclearization. In so many occasions the police couldn't control the impulse of protesters anymore, like at the meeting in front of the PM's Office. Lenses of cameras were pointed towards the demonstrators and police officers were losing ground. 
A musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto, said during his speech at the main site: "It's the same thing as at the meeting in front of the PM's Office. I participated here as a citizen…(An omission)…Why would we have to risk our life just for electricity? Life is more important than money, life is more important than economy. Keeping silence after Fukushima is barbarian". Citizens started to share opinions without depending neither controlled by any organization. It is activist citizens who will stop nuclear power plants. 
Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka and Miyako Suwa

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