June 28. Ajisai Revolution "We should submit the material evidence of actual harm"  (*Ajisai = hydrangea, a symbol of June in Japan) 

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 28.06.2012 

"It's wrong to measure air dose of only gamma ray at 1 meter above the ground" 

Ground Surface   Beta and Gamma dose  minimum 5μsv  20-1cps
1 meter above the ground  Beta and Gamma dose minimum 1.5μsv  6.0-1cps

cps is a value that indicates the number of radiation detected per second. 

Bq indicates the number of radiation release per second, rated per kilogram or per square meter. 

In fact, cps value is influenced by performance of instruments or measuring method. (Concrete surfaces have been washed many times by rainwater. Besides, blue-green algae that have been observed to carry the nuclides don't grow on concrete) 

As for blue-green algae, I read the measure differently. From my experience, when dose measures 1 microSV, an amount of Cesium 134+137 is 0.1 million Bq/Kg. It's wrong to convert it to square meter. 
Though I have no idea how many square meters the surface of a human body is... The reading suggests that killing needles are flying around per square meter and penetrating our bodies at 1 meter above the ground. 
Some people join in a demonstration to call on abandoning nuclear power generation, while the others collect the material evidence. Both parties have the same goal. 

We all should complain about the actual harm and submit the material evidence. Thus, we can prove that nuclear power generation is too dangerous, high-cost and ridiculous. 

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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