"Intifada"In front of Prime Minister's Office : protesters against the restarting of nuclear power plant became Palestinian people 

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 13.07.2012http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/07/0004696鉄柵に囲い込まれた参加者たちは、一様に不快感と反感を示した。=13日夕、官邸前。写真:田中撮影=
All protesters showed discomfort feeling and antipathy surrounded by iron fences. = July 13 in the evening in front of PM's Office:Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
In front of the Prime Minister's Office, it became like Palestine. During the meeting against the restarting of nuclear power that happens every friday, the police separated the sidewalk from the roadway with iron fences after having considered it was dangerous that people overflow on the roadway (It happened at the meeting last week and two weeks ago). The jurisdiction, Enforcement Division of Kôjimachi Police station explained in a phone interview: "It's for the security of the crowd". But isn't it the same thing than to surround palestinian people saying that It's to avoid terrorism? As i went to report about the wall of Palestine since the process of its plan, i couldn't help comparing it. The iron fences are 1,50m, they are upright and they will not fall down even if a sumo wrestler pushes them. Those iron fences continue for more than 100m and so from the carrefour in front of PM's Office in the direction of Kasumigaseki. Then there are riot police vehicles tied in row and no one is able to go on the roadway. Even if the protesters stampeded in waves, they just have to turn away in the direction of The Ministry of Finance and assembly hall.
For Noda's regime, which adheres rigidly to promote nuclear power, the opponents are like the existence of Palestinian people for Israel. "Don't let people gather lively in front of PM's Office", "Don"t let people overflow into the roadway". Those orders must have been charged by the official residence.
The movement against the policy of Noda's regime to promote nuclear power spreads. They don't want people to have this image. It seems that their worries are increasing much stronger because the snap general election will be hold soon. Their plant scheme succeeded at first glance.
Second stage there were many mothers with their little children. "We don't need nuclear power plant!" the shouting of mothers and children echoed at the National Diet building.=Nagata-chô Photo by Miyako Suwa
The iron fence is the last resort of PM Noda's regime and of the Police and has a very bad reputation among the protesters.
"Don't be silly. It's wrong to to make such iron barriers while people meet only to share their own opinions. They have to open the roadway because there's so many people who come to protest" (A woman from Nakano District, in her fifties)
"It's the first time i participated to a protest and there were iron fences. I was surprised by the tense mood. I want to grow children who can say no. I explained to my students why i took a day off." (A woman from Nagoya, teacher of own music classes,in her fifties) 
It was the second stage held in front of the National Diet building for protesters who can't go closer to PM's Office because of the Police severe control. In THE family area there were many parents and children shouting "We are opposed to the restarting of nuclear power plants!". There were more people than in front of the PM's Office. This atmosphere of excitement was so strong that people could have overflowed into the roadway. The intensity looked like "Intifada". No matter how people will be controlled people will sneak through the control and people will make of the resistance. Citizens shouting that they opposed to the restarting of nuclear power plants appeared to overlap with people in Palestine.
Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka & Miyako Suwa

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