25,000 Bq detected from a wild boar in Nihonmatsu 

Original Text from 2012 July 4. Fukushima Minyu News

The prefecture published the examination results of measuring the radiation level of 14 wild animals (wild boars and Asiatic black bears) captured in Fukushima. 12 samples were found to have the higher radiation level than the new food-safety standard (100 Bq/Kg). 
One of the boars captured in Nihonmatsu was found to have 25,000 Bq of Cesium, which marked the highest level so far. 
Also, 280 Bq of Cesium was detected from an Asiatic black bear captured in Minami Aizu Machi. According to the prefecture, it was the first time black bear meat exceeds the food-safety standard. 

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