The result of the whole body counter 

Original text from blog of Emiko Numauchi (Numayu) in Minamisoma City 25.07.2012

Yesterday Tim arrived from Hawai with a translator. It was to observe life conditions in Fukushima by meeting many different people and i was one of them.

Tim said to me "I don't trust the Japanese Government,neither" because he had seen impossible pictures and impossible events.
After our long conversation Tim asked me "Won't you come with me to do the whole body counter?".
As you know, it's impossible to control the baseline of the whole body counter. 
The radiation technologists are just measuring with the machine distributed by the Japanese Government. 
Nobody knows the primal baseline.
And more, in vivo half-life of cesium is quite short. It means if we eat safe food for more than a year and half, it will be not detectable. 
I refused his proposition once because i already knew it will be not detectable.
But Tim talked to me with great enthusiasm looking in my eyes. He was so serious that the translator was useless.
"Can you let the Japanese Government do what they do? Can you allow a situation where victims are not told the truth?"
I was convinced by his seriousness and accepted. "If you can accept this condition of non-detectability…" and went to the nearby general hospital with him.

The results came out within 20 mins.
My results and the results of Tim who came from Hawai were exactly the same.
My results of measurable limits for this time were:
Cesium 134 : 220 Bq/body
Cesium 137 : 250 Bq/body.
It means there's at least those numerical values inside my body.
Still Tim said, "It can't be like this". In the first place it has no big meaning to measure it after elimination.

Last year as i felt most pain, i didn't take care of myself because i thought the top priority was children. After more than a year, we don't know how much radiation we were exposed…
But still, cesium was detected in the bodies of children who had evacuated to Niigata Prefecture and Western Japan last year.

Tim took out the black substance he found in Tokyo and asked to a radiation technologist to measure it. Of course it was from an outdoor parking. The radiation technologist brought the measuring instrument. He added: "This measuring instrument is the most brilliant one in Japan".
But the numerical value was much less high than with Tim's measuring instrument which is made in USA.
Those black substances exist everywhere.
Tim's instrument measured 23 micro sievert through a plastic bag.
With my measuring instrument made in Russia we would probably have measured the same value.

When we stood to leave, Tim said again: "I really can't trust Japanese Government". I do not trust them either.
If it's not detectable, what do mean those abnormal symptoms which continue to happen to my body?
Where those troubles of health for which even doctors say "I can't find the cause" come from ?
The pustules on my bottom have fully-healed yesterday.

What will it be the next time…?

Courtesy : Emiko Numauchi

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