From Rio by Miyako Suwa. The United Nations Environment Program : Japan wanted to avoid to talk about the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Accident.

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 28.06.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/06/0004580
ピースボード主催のワークショップ 日本とブラジルではガイガーカウンターの数値が違うことを説明している。=現地時間21日、写真:諏訪京撮影=

Workshop promoted by Peaceboad. He is explaining the different value of Geiger counter between Japan and Brazil. = June 21 at local time : Photo by Miyako Suwa
"The United Nations are over…" There were disappointed local NGO organizations's voices. Conference "Rio+20" was organized in Brazil for the first time for 20 years, severe critics against the conference were heard one after another. The title of the outcome document is "The future we hope" but there were no concrete measure and the conference has finished after the representative of each countries held their scheduled speech. About the future of nuclear power plants, Japan, who caused the worst nuclear power plant disaster within a year and three months ago, didn't even talked about it. Neither the other countries. People who came to talk about the situation in Fukushima and in Japan had different feelings. An organic farmer in Fukushima, a mother in Fukushima and young people from Fukushima talked at the press conference and at the workshops. Everybody came to Rio de Janeiro holding the same hope to stop nuclear power plants, on the other side of earth with regard to Japan. But there was a difference of understanding in communications. At the same time there was The Government's will to avoid to talk about nuclear power plant appeared and disappeared.
I interviewed Mrs. Masako Sakata The representative of environmental NGO organization, "Kenju no Kai" who came from Japan about the bare truth of her travel in Rio.
Conflict of citizens in Fukushima Prefecture
"Under the situation without being able to know what will become of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, because of the accident is still ongoing, there is an organic farmer who says he still want to sow the seed and grow vegetables in the land of Fukushima and the mother who feels guilty to give food to her children thinking that this food might be radioactive. Both of them want nuclear energy to be stopped but the farmer can't accept the mother who says she can't eat food made in Fukushima. We arrived in Rio with this conflict without being solved. It's really a difficult matter. There is a farmer who studies radiation to pieces and makes vegetables after a decontamination work and also a farmer who sells vegetables according to the safety standards of the government. I can also understand the mother's feeling who doesn't want to let her child to eat radioactive food even with only 10 becquerels. Both of them have their reason and they are not wrong. This problem didn't started in Rio but it's been a long time those conflict exist. Until today there was no occasion for them to talk to each other. So it will be a task to be settled in Japan" Ms.Sakata said.
Ms.Sakata also talked about the speculation of the Japanese Government.
"When i was preparing my conference "From Fukushima,The proposal for the sustainable society created by organic agriculture and local area" at Japanese pavilion in "Rio+20", I was asked by The Ministry of Environmental "Will you put off Fukushima from your title? Can't you change your title to Easter Japan's Green Economy?. I said that i can't change it. In foreign countries, many people even can't understand when we say: "March 11" and if i just say "Eastern Japan", nobody will recognize that it's about nuclear power plant problem. Finally i left the name of Fukushima in my speech. It means The Japanese Government didn't wanted to talk about nuclear power plant".

Mrs.Sakata energetically went to search for the opinions beside the conference of Rio+20 of local people and NGO from other countries at the people's summit which was held at the same time. "It's more important to connect with people from many different countries than just to give the effect on the outcome document .There's more than 50000 people from the world who came to Rio actually". For Mrs.Sakata, this is the meaning of the international conference. There's many countries who promote the nuclear power. Brazil who organize the conference has two nuclear power plants and they are establishing a third plant. "There was almost only Japanese people in Japanese pavilion so it was meaningless. I thought i'll never do the conference in the Japanese pavilion". Then Mrs. Sakata could appealed at the press conference of people's summit in front of the participants from other countries and she felt relieved. 
The Japanese Government said that they are "addicted to denuclearization". But still the policy of the government is not clear either they stop or promote nuclear power. If they talk about nuclear power in the international conference because if they talk about it, they will be trailed? They just kept silence.
Kenjû no Kai (Kenjû Group) : The group took their name from the fairy story "Kenjû Garden Grove"of Kenji Miyazawa. The group make proposals of methods (different from the economic growth made of mass production, mass consumption, mass disposal) by their action to protect the nature of Mount Takao. Kenjû no Kai website : http://homepage2.nifty.com/kenju/index.html
Courtesy : Miyako Suwa

Tepco's shareholder's general meeting : Hard-live reversal of Tepco to reject Tokyo's shareholder proposal for the corporate revival

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 27.06.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/06/0004574

Mr.Masafumi Asada who was plowing his field in Fukushima at the moment of the accident is one of the shareholder of Tepco. He propose to "compensate the victims by standing on their position" = June 27, 9am in Yoyogi : Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
Yesyerday it was the lower house plenary session's vote for "Bill to increase the consumption tax rate" and today it's Tepco's shareholder's general meeting. People in Japan were shown the monstrous figure of organizations who suck warm blood of people to continue to live in successive days. Naoki Inose, the vice-governor of Tokyo (Tokyo metropolitan is the largest shareholder of Tepco) made the stockholder proposal. From what Inose pointed out we can see the symptoms of Tepco and Japanese Government remarkable similarities. Mr.Inose, before talking about the details of the stockholder proposal said: "Tokyo Metropolitan is the biggest user of electricity with 50,000,000,000 yens per year… (An omission) It's important for New Tepco to show the management transparency and to accept the accountability to rebuild trust". We can make replacement like this. 
Tokyo Metropolitan shareholder proposal are below ―――
"Introducing the competition principle and supply the inexpensive and stable electricity and to put the service for client as a first mission "to the corporate identity. But Tepco have so many properties and companies which are not related to the electricity business. For example dealings in real estates, accommodation facilities, Worker Dispatching Undertakings, non-life insurance business etc. (There's 127 companies by the research of Tokyo Metropolitan. Tepco's executives and employees enter those companies as AMAKUDARI.) Those companies should be sold.
The Japanese government also have so many organizations for AMAKUDARI. Prime land in Tokyo Metropolitan they have land and official residences.
▼"Information discovery of electricity price". Add it to the company contract to obtain the management transparency so that third party can verify it.
When Resona Bank got public fund, the employees were not payed the bonuses for 4 times. Japan Airlines didn't pay Bonus for 3 times. Tepco didn't pay bonus only once in this summer.
When we submit the right-to-know request to the Government, often they just give us the black painted document. (Expensive electricity price) The salary of officials managed by the tax of people is often higher than big private business. 
▼"Introduce the competition principle for business investment". The electricity companies need enormous facilities. But the ancillary contracts and the limited business operators became continuous. By using international reference materials and call for bids to refuse the cost. 
Close resemblance to the business of government-affiliated corporations. Only the ancillary contracts and family business enterprises can climb aboard.
Replacement of aging heat power plant by using private enterprises. 

Shareholder's general meeting was held in a giant gymnastic hall of more than 10000 capacity venue. = Gymnastic hall at Tokyo's National stadium. Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka

It was The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan (FEPC) and The Federation of Electric Power Related Industry Worker's Union of Japan. Government officials to AMAKURADI to the electric companies and to the related organizations of electric companies with million dollar salaries. There's a strong metal triangle between them. It's not strange that the electric companies and the government's carrying bases quite resemble to each other. And the Kisha Club (Reporter's club in Japan) get their leftovers. The source money comes from the most highest cost of electricity in the whole world which is payed by people. Tokyo Metropolitan's shareholder proposal were all rejected with majority disagree. Tepco has no intension to rebuild trust. The Government who cheated the voters as if they were nothing and Tepco who doesn't take their responsibility regarding the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear accident. The common concept of them is "Squeeze money from people".

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka 

Collapse of The Democratic Party who doesn't listen to people's voice : Hell is waiting for Noda's executive office

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 26.06.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/06/0004567

"If PM Noda breaks his manifesto and raises the consumption tax, we can't fight for election" Assembly members who have the anger and critical feeling who rise in rebellion made the executive office of Democratic Party is in an extremely precarious situation.=June 20 General Meeting of Party Members of Both Houses of the Diet at the Parliamentary Museum: Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
The Democratic Party started to become meaningless. Today at the lower house plenary session voted for the "Bill to increase the consumption tax rate" and 57 members of The Democratic Party voted "no". Most part of the democratic party and Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito members voted yes and the bill passed the lower house.
About many members who rise in rebellion, Prime Minister Noda raised his voice at press conference, "It was the restrictions on party debate. I'll respond harshly to it". He must be really angry because 57 members opposed to the bill in which PM Noda "risks his own political life". The reprimand was left entirely up to Azuma Koshiishi, the party general secretary.

It will only be hell waiting for Noda's executive office whether it will be clean out harshly or gently. 
If he expels 57 members, the Democratic Party will become a minority government in the lower house and the bill of no-trust motion against the Cabinet will pass. 
If he takes a gently clean out, Tanigaki Liberal Democratic Party will not corporate for the "Bill to increase the consumption tax rate" in the lower house. Because LDP's purpose in the basis is to put away Ichiro Ozawa (the former head of Dem) and to become a grand coalition to take the hegemony. 

If Sadakazu Tanigaki, the general director of LDP doesn't move he will be kept in agony as well. He has to ask for disbandment before the election of the president of the Liberal Democratic Party which is scheduled in September. Yoshiro Mori, the Former Prime minister and Makoto Koga, the former executive head of DLP will have problem if Tanigaki stands for Nobutaka Machimura, the Former Chief Cabinet Secretary. 
Those doyens just don't want to lose their power for the benefit of the young generation, there will be tightening of control over faction members and it will produce some effects. 
Ozawa's administration is more than aware about the trend of LDP and is preparing the establishment of a new political party. Will he become with Ishin Party or another opposition party? Ozawa (The former head of Dem) said at the unexpected press conference,"Snap general election is scheduled to held soon" and Shozo Azuma, the executive secretary of Ozawa group, said strongly at the press conference, "the next evolution will be started by the assembly members who gather around Mr.Ichiro Ozawa".

If PM Noda gives his own head and creates a coalition government mainly organized by LDP the situation above will be avoided. The possibility is not zero. And it will permit the lower house members of Democratic Party to stay as National Diet members for one more year. One way or another the countdown for the disappear of The Democratic Party administration in Nagata City has already started. It's the natural result of Kan and Noda governments who didn't listened to people's opinion.Most of the members who voted against to increase the consumption tax rate are also against the restarting of the nuclear power plant. 
A new administrations will appear on the scene, but if they don't listen to the echoes of the voice of the people in front of PM's Office every friday they will just take the same path as PM Noda's administration did.

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka 

Citizens of Fukui Prefecture demanded to Parliamentary Secretary of Economy, Trade and Industry to do "The research of the weak fracture zone" before the restarting of Ôi nuclear power plant

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 26.06.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/06/0004562

People born in Fukui Prefecture handed the demanding paper of research of the weak fracture zone to Kitagami Parliamentary Secretary of Economy, Trade and Industry : June 26 at 10am at  Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Photo (METI) by Ryusaku Tanaka
Kansai Electric Power Company (KEPCO) is planning to put off the control rod completely and flip the switch of reactor 3 of Ôi Nuclear Power Plant and to restart the nuclear power plant on July 1st at the earliest. There's the possibility of big damages on the circulating system of cooling water and it might become a nuclear disaster if there is be a major earthquake.
"We want the research of the fracture zone before the restating of the plant". Today in the morning, citizens from Fukui Prefecture and Environmental Groups went to The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to see Keiro Kitagami The Parliamentary Secretary of METI. Mr.Takatoshi Yamazaki who have been working for the movement of denuclearization in Fukui Prefecture (Echizen City, Corporate operator) also met Keiro Kitagami The Parliamentary Secretary of METI.
"I have been worried about the fracture zone for a long time. Except for the Genkai Nuclear Power plant, the fracture zone is concerned. It's the problem of every japanese", Mr.Yamazaki said nervously.

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka


How to measure and take DOSE in a real crisis PART2

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 16.06.2012 http://mak55.exblog.jp/16067763/

Trick of "Air-dose" 
Don't be taken in by the trick of Gamma ray measured at 1 meter above the ground. 
"High does" "Low dose" - so what? 
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology publishes the effects of gamma ray radiation to human health, which is measured at 1 meter above the ground, for each intensity of radiation (indicated in SV). 

When we measures air dose with geiger counter, the factor that we pays the most attention to is the intensity. 

ICRP, Japanese scientists, governments or doctors ignore the complexity of human bodies, and pretend as if we were all hollow plastic dolls. 

Brain neurons, which are most important to human, do not regenerate, unlike the other organs or muscles. 


Some people construe Sievert (SV) as a influence rate to human bodies for how many (radiation) needles stick in. But is it really true? 
Meanwhile, Becquerel (Bq) indicates the number of radiation needle released per second. It can be taken at face value. 

Radiation needles range from the ones intense enough to penetrate a body, Beta rays that remain at skin surface and Alpha rays that fall short (of ?).
Though Beta rays usually don't penetrate a body, still some of them can go through flesh or metal boards, when it has a long flying distance. 

Therefore, we can not make a simple translation between SV and Bq. 

Tohoku Electricity has a funny article on their site. It compares radiation to coins, which seems to me that they just try to say that low-radiation isn't dangerous. 

High radiation from a distance has high Bq reading and small SV reading. 
Or with a shielding material, such as a lead plate, a high Bq substance gets small SV measure. 

From my experiences, when a value is 0.1 million Bq/second, the surface does is about 1 micro-SV. 
My bedroom in Minamisoma measures about 1 micro-SV, which sounds less terrifying than 0.1 million Bq.  
Why does it sound so different? 
1 micro-SV sounds OK, but 0.1 million Bq doesn't sound fine. 
So let us think about the basic meaning of Sievert. 
Sievert is a unit for rating the effect of radiation to human health. 

We can evaluate a SV value by calculating Grey-Value, amount of energy received from radioactivity, (In this step, human bodies or organs are considered as non-organic materials), and then applying evaluation of type of radioactivity and of exposed region in a body, to the formula below: 

 Effective Does (SV) = Grey x Radiation Weighting Factor x Tissue Weighting Factor 

Grey Value = Amount of energy that material per unit mass receives from radioactivity
So energy damages human body? No kidding. 
Now you can see that SV is a mere indication created for convenience sake. 

For example, it is just like, when you get a cut, converting its danger to an amount of energy. See how strange it is.
Even when it's healed, a mark and pains remain. 

If you repeat cutting same part 5 to 10 times, maybe you will get more serious damage such as a infection disease etc. Moreover, you may not recover any more at the end, though it depends on each individual. At least, I think so. 

Basically,  when we use SV, it is assumed that a human body can keep "reconstructing" itself even when a certain part of a body is cut repeatedly, in the case of low radiation does. 

Also, lets' compare the following cases:
One radiation needle kills one cell : 1,000 needles stick in one cell at once, which causes a death : 1 needle per day for 1,000 days, which causes a cancer.
It is not about cell, but a life or death problem. 

They use SV as a psychological trick to make the dose look lower. Thus dangers are not recognized. 

In the age of long-term low radiation exposure, when damage to human health and cell destruction keep occurring, such numerical value (as SV) is merely physical but not useful in a medical sense. 

Human are not hunk of flesh, and exposure to radiation result in disfunction of nervous system, which are not taken into consideration in the system of SV. 
Another example. Please make your decision based on intuition. 

A parked car was shot by a machine gun. No flat tire, and metal/mixed metal parts were intact, though the automobile was shot though. 
Since it was a classy car of an old fashion, both fuel tank and radiator were well protected. 

However, the engine doesn't start. 
It's just like a human whose nerve is cut.

○Radiation Weighting Factor -  A crude distinction as 1 for both Gamma and Beta ray, and 20 for Alpha ray. 
○Tissue Weighting Factor - 0.12 for lung, stomach and bone marrow, 0.05 for throat, thyroid, liver and breast, 0.01 for skin surface and bone surface, 0.2 for genital and 0.05 for the rest of organs

Brain or heart muscle, which are so important, has equal TWF to throat, which is lower than stomach. 

ICRP and the other nuclear promoters have created a layer of self-defense. 
They use complex mathematics to make the damages look smaller. I guess that the scientists all know about it. 
The tool we can rely on is our intuition.
{CONCLUSION} The formula, which regards living beings as non-organic materials, does ignore the nervous system and the brain functions that controls the entire body. 

The less damage to brain cell and nerve cell, the better.
I say no to getting exposed over 1 mSV per year. 

City Mayer, do not compare the dose of Minamisoma to the other places, and say it is lower or better. 

There are many spots that release higher dose, so stop picking one low-radiaion spot to convince us that we can still live here. 


We can measure only Cesium by 1 million Bq meter. 
If we include all the other nuclides such as Alpha ray or Beta ray, the reading may be different.
Dose of radiation decrease inversely with the square of the distance. 

Therefore, it is not accurate to evaluate a damage value to the legs, knees, genital, organ function, lung, heart, thyroid or brain, from the dose measured at 1 meter above the ground. 

What if we walk directly on a million Bq/second gamma ray..?

There are some houses that have higher radiation dose at a roof than at a floor. 
Moreover, If you live in a Japanese-style house, you sit directly on a floor, which is very different from an occidental-style house. 
Those patches that children in Fukushima are wearing are not positioned at their brains or genitals. 
Getting a value by covering their whole bodies with geiger counters that indicates Grey value? It takes too long to detect a danger. 
Therefore, we need to know from where a radiation is released, in which way our body is being exposed to it, and that 50-year or 70-year effective dose is just a mathematic game which we can't refer to. 

An average person of 60 kg has 7000 Bq of radioactive potassium in the body.
Human have 8 trillion of cells, and they keep regenerating, however, will we die when we shoot our own cerebral nerves with a machine gun, just like playing Russian roulette? 

Regeneration and probability... 

After all, the most important factors when you decide to evacuate yourselves are the time, distance and radioprotection. 
It's better for you to leave Fukushima. 
We all have the right to move to another place, but we are getting no compensation. 
If there is any member of parliament reading this, I would like to ask him/her: "Do you want to reduce your life expectancy?" 

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama


"The demonstration of the reject of PM Noda" in his hometown "We'll never let you restart the nuclear power plant PM NOda!"

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 24.06.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/06/0004554
JR総武線の先頭車両は、脱原発勢力にOccupyされた。=24日、写真:田中撮影=The lead vehicle of JR Somu Line was occupied by the denuclearization force. = June 24: Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka

"I hope that someone will start the movement to reject Prime Minister Noda".

It was the last tweet of Mr. Kazuo Hizumi (a lawyer and a journalist) who passed away on June 12. Mr.Hizumi, who has been working hard to point objections to Tepco's responsibility until the verge of death was thinking that we can't stop the nuclear power without rejecting the politicians who permitted the restart of a palnt.

Today the "Demonstration of The Demand for The denuclearization and the reject of PM Noda" which took over the task of Mr.Hirumi was held in PM Noda's hometown, Funabashi City in Chiba Prefecture. "Denuclearization Suginami" The promoter of Kôenji denuclearization parade and "Denuclearization Nakano" and "Stop nukes demonstration" and "Denuclearization Funabashi (alias) promoted the protest. 
Most of the expeditionary team from Tokyo took the train in collusion of JR Sômu line at 12h43pm (starting station Mitaka to terminal station Tsudanuma). The lead vehicle was filled with protesters with yellow T-shirts and the placard "Oppose to restarting nuclear power plants" waved by the roll of the train.
"I have been anxious for a year and three months. For the future of children, we must definitely stop the restart of nuclear power plants. We collected the petitions and went to The Ministry of Health, labor and Welfare and also to The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, "MEXT" but i think the demonstration is the most effective thing to do. Today,I feel like venturing into enemy's territory". A mother who took the train at Kisshôji Station talked with blood rushing to her cheeks.
The mother took out the transistor megaphone when she passed through the ticket gate of Nishi-Funabashi Station. "Oppose to restart nuclear power plants!", "Resign Noda!", she walked with other fellow women yelling a slogan in chorus to the Nishifuna neighborhood park where the meeting was held.

The revolt against PM Noda of the local electorates was stronger than in Tokyo. A housewife in her thirties living in Yakuendai in Funabashi City (where the office of PM Noda stands), "I want PM Noda who ignores the voice of people to quit as soon as possible. I'm so ashamed of him as a citizen of Funabashi City!", she shouted at the top of her voice. A woman in her forties who is working for an anti-nuclear movement talked showing a strong anger. "I thought that Noda was a politician close to the citizens when he was making his speech at the train station. When he became Prime Minister, he said he was "addicted to denuclearization" and i trusted his word but he betrayed us. I want him to give me back the vote of nationwide election of 2009!"

The demonstration of "REJECT NODA" worked out by the last words of Mr.Kazuo Hizumi. (Written "Dear Kazuo Hizumi, are you watching us? We are protesting in Funabashi City right now!!"= At Nishifuna neighborhood park. Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka.

2200 Protesters (Issued by the promoter) uphold the placards of "PM Noda will become just an ordinary pig when he'll be rejected"*, "Restarting the nuclear power plant is Noda!" and paraded into the residential neighborhood and shopping areas in Funabashi City. It is abnormal that the movement of reject happens in the electoral zone of Prime Minister. Advance in price of Consumption tax, TPP(Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership) and the restarting of nuclear power plant. PM Noda's regime took only the policies which set the people's nerves on edge. He doesn't seem to have any divergent views of the country. It's the election he'll get paid back for his appropriates. It will be unparalleled in History if a politician who experienced to be the prime minister will be rejected. 

Mr.Noda (Constituency No.4 in Chiba Prefecture) and Yoshito Sengoku,The Surrogate of Chairman of the Policy Research Council (Constituency No.1 in Tokushima Prefecture) and Yukio Edano,The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (Constituency No.5 in Saitama Prefecture) Right now, there's a secret plan in progress to send thug candidates to those electoral zones.

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka

*Translator's note : PM Noda is often called Noda Buta which means Noda the pig.


People in Tokyo, the black substance is here !

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 18.06.2012 http://mak55.exblog.jp/16109098/

At last people started to ask me about the black substance because of the article in AERA magazine. 

Please, people who live around, look at that! 

To the people who ask where the black substance is??? 
It's on the roof, on the asphalt, on concrete… Everywhere on all surfaces.
"Almost every part where is black".
"Those black substances have fallen away and because of the rain water it accumulates underfoot".
"I think 1 micro is almost 100000 becquerels, 1 second α,β,γ Ray 100 needles". 
"Never touch them with naked hands".

My mobile phone: 080-3193-4960

From Koichi Oyama's blog   22.05.2012

Research of Black Substance in Tokyo
(Cyanobacteria = Blue Algae)

Blue algae at Sano SA 

Blue algae at Shinozaki Garden in Edogawa District 

Blue algae in front of National Printing Bureau in Kita District 

Blue algae at Asukayama Garden 

Blue algae at Kita District disaster control center 

Blue algae in front of National Printing Bureau Tokyo Hospital 

Blue algae at off-street in Kita District 

Blue algae at Sengoku Station 

Blue algae at Tokyo University (Festival of May)

Blue algae at The University of Tokyo Hospital 

Blue algae at Mukôgaoka in Bunkyo District 

Blue algae at Tenshudai(base of keep) of Imperial Palace

Blue algae near to the music hall of Imperial Palace 

Blue algae at the north side of Tenshudai (base of keep) of Imperial Palace

↓There's rain water supplied under Granite stones made of hypogene rocks which is hard and low water absorption. On the surface of stones where the water supply continues, we can see the blue algae much more black.

Blue algae at Imperial Palace the difference between stones of stonewalling

Blue algae at Inui Gate of Imperial Palace 

Blue algae at Kitanomaru Garden 

Bule algae at Arts & Craft museum in Kitanomaru Garden

In my blog, there's a map of Blue algae by my partisans. (Just below the portrait on the left) 
Please take a look! http://mak55.exblog.jp/

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama 

Earth Rumbling of "Oppose to the restart of nuclear power plant" "Hydrangea Revolution "in front of Prime Minister Office

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 16.06.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/06/0004549

"Revolution of Hydrangea" A man after his work hold the Hydrangea and shouted "Oppose to the restart of nuclear" June 22 in the evening in front of PM's Office : Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
A small carder of the privileged people who wants to restart nuclear power plant and massive majority of people who are opposed to restart the nuclear power plant. On June 22, an event which represents this composition happened in front of PM's Office.
I'll talk about it by hour. Around passed noon, there was a fake right wing group who started to do the promotion on the sidewalk in front of PM's Office. By the man who was the leader figure, they gave a notice of "Permission to hold a meeting until 8pm" to Kouji City Police Station. It was obvious that they wanted to block the meeting opposed to the restart of nuclear power plant which is held on every friday at 6pm. (The promoter is Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes)

Only 10 people of the fake right wing group occupied the crossroads in front of PM's Office which is the prime land for the meeting. "The radiation is good for our health", "The possibility of nuclear plant accident is less than air plane accident".
They continued their public speech which can't be a trick even for children.
A lot of citizens gathered using twitter and other social networks and waited beside the fake right wing group. At 6pm there were more than 10 000. (Issued by the promoter) There was a skirmish between citizens who tried to go to their fixed position and the fake right wing group who didn't let the prime land, and the police came to stop it. 

Then there was a surprising incident. The police squad pushed the fake right wing to the direction of Tameike. The leader figure of the fake right wing lashed out to the top official of the police. "We pulled back so you should make the citizens backdown as well". "We can't make citizens pullback, the tail end continues until Kasumigaseki, there must be 20 000 people" answered the top official of the police in a straightforward manner. 
How far the line of people go? I made sure of it by walking. The tail end reached at the crossroads of PM's Office. The filled people shouted "Wea are opposed to restarting the nuclear power plant" on the side walk in front of the conference hall.
The police booked 10 people of fake right wing who promote the nuclear power plant. Just after the police pushed them to the direction of Tameike (To the right on the photo) Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
Around 6:42 pm there were more than 30 000 protesters. (Issued by the promoter) The police answered to the leader of the fake right wing group that they can't pullback the citizen was a decision of objective circumstances. Even the police can't order the pullback to 30 000 citizens for only 10 people of fake right wing.  
The journalist Takashi Hirose who has been working against nuclear power plant and explaining about it came to join the protest. He participated to the protest against The US-Japan Security Pact in the 60's when he was in third grade in high school. "I want to fill the roadway with people. We already did it".
In the 60's protest against The US-Japan Security Pact, there were demonstrations with a 100 000 people of workers and students who surrounded the National Diet and it made PM Kishi government deposed. When we think of the international situation, the US-Japan Security Pact had a reason to be. But Nuclear Power Plants is all pain, no gain. In front of the gate of the conference hall of The House of representatives's special road, there was a 4 years old boy who was on the bicycle of his mother who joined the chorus of the opposition to the restart of the nuclear power plant. Nobody can't stop this movement anymore. Even if the police makes controls, people will gather together. Finally 45 000 people participated to the protest on June. (Issued by the promoter) It would not be strange if it becomes 100 000 people next time. Some protesters calledl this demonstration "Hydrangea Revolution" like the arabian spring was called the "Jasmine Revolution" . "Retire Noda!", "Oppose to restart nuclear power plant!" were echoed all around PM's Office and the congress hall. It will be the citizens surrounding PM's Office which will depose PM Noda's government, not by the rise in rebellion of Ozawa group. It's already a revolution made by citizens.  
Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka

6.22 Emergency!
Emergency protest to government!
Seek the withdrawal of the re-operation of Ooi-Nuclear power plant!
Protest before the Prime Minister's Office.
Seek withdrawal of a nuclear power plant running again Ooi.
Protest in front of official residence, "40,000 over Peoples!"
Prime minister Official residence front.
Volunteer civic groups called for in the SNS such as in Twitter.
More than 40,000 participants in the aggregate.
Banner or placard.
"Determining the Nuclear power plant re-operation can not forgive"
Participants gave voice to the other.
Taro Yamamoto actor say.
"If you do not hear this voice, Noda (prime minister) should exit immediately."
Keiko Ochiai writer artist took part in this protest rally for the first time. She is say.
"We are not even allowed to not pull back one step. The people who betray the public about this"
Noda (Prime minister?) and criticized the regime.
Continues every weekend in front of official residence to protest activities Ooi-Nuclear power plant running again.
Backlash is growing more in the decision of 16 days running again.
On this day, participants flooded the roadway.
On this day, intrudes into the criticism to protest organizations to support the running again.
Prime minister Official residence Front Street was abuzz before.

Footage by Our Planet TV



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報道ステーション 首相官邸前デモに45000人!


An interview with Mr. Koichi Oyama from Minamisoma (Oct.2011)

This is an interview with Mr. Koichi Oyama, who is a member of the
city council of Minamisōma city in Fukushima and is working hard to
report what's happening there,conducted in October 16th, 2011. He
talked about the situation at that time of the city and its people,
radionuclides, and Dr. Tatsuhiko Kodama of Tokyo University, who has
been leading the city's decontamination work.

To The Chairman of The Committee of Decontamination Promotion in Minamisoma City 

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 18.06.2012http://mak55.exblog.jp/16078497/

In Tokyo University, you have 27 radioisotopes, haven't you?

5:08 Complete measurements can be performed in the contaminated area.
I want you to do it.

5:40 …I do not understand why the government does not support to apply it for the measurement and to set up those in the entire country. Although three months have passed since the accident already, why even such simple things have not been don yet. This is outrageous and i am extremely upset about this situation.
I suffer everyday because the houses of children are not decontaminated at all, fifteen months after the accident. I ask everyday to at least collect the black substance which is so highly radioactive.

Minamisoma City Assembly of June hookup at 10am today 
Ôyama questions are on June 20 around 13h30 
( Please understand the possibility of a slight change in the hour) 

Courtesy : Koichi Ôyama