Another suicide again … 

Original text from blog of Emiko Numauchi (Numayu) in Minamisoma City 14.06.2012 http://numayu.blogspot.be/2012/06/blog-post_5826.html

Today a person visited me and let me keep a dog, a victim of the disaster.

When we were having tea in my living room he said a person commited suicide in Namie City the other day. It happened when he returned to his place for a moment. 

I wrote about it on my blog. But there's another person who committed suicide in Futaba City.
The reason was because reality is too painful. 
This is just to keep somebody on the payroll. Everybody had their own place and the land. But today… they can't move as they want inside the temporary house.
The dog owner said the same thing as others.
"I want my home. Any prefecture will do, i just want a home where i can stay in calm, i'm too tired…".
But the discussion between the prefectures are late and not advanced at all.
I don't want people who commit suicide anymore. 
After the nuclear accident, so many people committed suicides… Please live. Don't commit suicide. Let's change the government policy together. If we die, we can't do it, isn't it? I'm so fed up of government responses. 

Courtesy : Emiko Numauchi 

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