Women's "Die-In" against the Restart of Ooi Nuke Plant (Jun/07/2012) / "Die-In" des femmes contre le redémarrage de la centrale nucléaire d'Ooi

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On June 7, 2012, about 70 women including 10 women from Fukushima did a "die-in" in front of the Prime Minister's Official Residence to protest against the restart of Ooi Nuclear Power Plant. Before the die-in, 10 Fukushima women visited the Cabinet Office and met with officials to submit a letter of requests addressed to Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda.

This video clip shows the words from the Fukushima women and part of the die-in.

On the very next day, June 8, 2012, Prime Minister Noda held a press conference and declared he would restart Ooi Nuclear Power Plant.

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       video sous-titres français 

Le 7 Juin 2012, environ 70 femmes dont 10 femmes de Fukushima ont fait un "die-in" en face de la résidence officielle du Premier Ministre pour protester contre le redémarrage de la centrale nucléaire de Ooi. Avant le die-in, 10 femmes de Fukushima ont visité le Bureau du Conseil des Ministres et ont rencontré des représentants pour soumettre une lettre de requête adressée au Premier Ministre Yoshihiko Noda.

Ce clip vidéo montre les mots de ces femmes de Fukushima et une partie du die-in.

Le lendemain 8 Juin 2012, le Premier Ministre Noda a tenu une conférence de presse et a déclaré qu'il allait redémarrer la centrale nucléaire d'Ooi.

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Even after the tragic accident on March 11th, at the Fukushima nuclear power plant the government and TEPCO continued to underestimate and underreport the severity of the accident and the potential effects on the surrounding population. 

The mainstream media followed this lead by not questioning the information they were getting from the government and TEPCO and simply passed along what they were being told, always telling the best case scenario. 

Our Planet TV has been covering the whole incident and given transparent information about the incident as opposed to the mass media. We especially have been focusing on children's health issue and safety problems related to people's daily life. For parents living close to the nuclear incidents epicenter, it has been crucial for them to have access to objective information regarding the disastrous situation. 

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