The surprising reason why TV in Fukushima didn't broadcast the footage of the hydrogen explosion 

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 16.06.2012 http://mak55.exblog.jp/16065268/

Medias didn't broadcast for the citizens, they just listen to their sponsors opinions and of the center stations.
They filmed in succession the footage of the explosions of Unit 2 and Unit 4 on March 15 and the whereabouts of the atomic cloud of Unit 3 and there is much discussion about this.
"Is it because of the regime of the government, the Ministry of Internal Affaires and Communications, or because of the pressure from the sponsors like Tepco and Federation of Electric Power Companies and Fukushima Prefecture that they don't show the footages ?" 

"At first we let people know as it is and we don't bother for it". 
False and vanity must be off limits but they lack of sincerity and of job consciousness.
Beside this TV station, there were others who filmed as well but they say "From the aftershock…" and deny the existence of this footage itself to refuse the questions.
It's just wiliness. 

This TV station can't even explain. The level of local TV stations is proved by their absurd program "For the first time in the world…" .

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Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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