The shareholder derivative action - Tepco: " There was no mistake in our response after the accident"

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 14.06.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/06/0004493浅田正文さん。事故当時福島の農民にして東電の株主である。=写真:田中撮影=

Mr. Masafumi Asada: At the moment of the accident he was a farmer and the shareholder of Tepco. Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
Today, the first oral proceedings of The shareholder derivative action who demand the responsibility of the top management of Tepco in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident was held at Tokyo District Court . 
The total charge is 5,500,000,000,000 yens and it is the biggest amount in the history of the court.
It shows that the untidy safety control of the top management caused important damages to the shareholders.
The complainants group asked the focus to be made on the untidy response against the Tsunami. 
By the written complaint, they ignored the result of the research and the alert of the possibility of an attack of a more than 15m Tsunami. And they didn't even change 1cm to the standard of a supposed Tsunami and its wave hight of 6.1m.
Also added the reasons: "Established the nuclear power plants without considering the safety in the land of earthquakes" ,"lack of responses against a severe accident", "Retard for the vent of reactors 2 and 3 and for the injection of sea water". 
By the lawyer Hiroyuki Kawai of the complainants group, the pleading from Tepco were below.
Attacked by a Tsunami beyond any supposition
There was no mistake in Tepco's response after the accident
Today was the first oral proceeding and four complainers made statements of opinions.
Mr. Masafumi Asada (Age 71) who was working as a farmer at the time of the accident was one of them. He's also a shareholder of Tepco and he evacuated to Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture on March 13,on the second day of the accident.
"Because of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Accident i lost everything at one go. It's obvious that it is a massive pollution but still the top managements of Tepco haven't take their responsibilities for the company and for the shareholders…" 
Mr. Asada said at the debrief session of supporters: "I couldn't sleep last night. I hope this trial can be the catalyst to recreate Japan". 
There were only two cameramen of the footage. = June 14 at 10am in front of Tokyo District Court. Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
When it's a big trial which matters of public concern, in front of the courthouse there's a dense crowd of camera operators and reporters. But today it was so desolated, there were only two TV cameras and only one still cameraman. 
Is it because if the stocks of Tepco go down it will cause a big damage to their business?
The newspapers publishers are the big shareholders of TV stations so naturally there will be damages for them as well.

It was the show of the control of Japan's Nuclear Village on medias. The judiciary also feel the pression of Japan's Nuclear Power Village but if we don't turn it down, Japan will become a dark society.

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka 

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