To The Chairman of The Committee of Decontamination Promotion in Minamisoma City 

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 18.06.2012http://mak55.exblog.jp/16078497/

In Tokyo University, you have 27 radioisotopes, haven't you?

5:08 Complete measurements can be performed in the contaminated area.
I want you to do it.

5:40 …I do not understand why the government does not support to apply it for the measurement and to set up those in the entire country. Although three months have passed since the accident already, why even such simple things have not been don yet. This is outrageous and i am extremely upset about this situation.
I suffer everyday because the houses of children are not decontaminated at all, fifteen months after the accident. I ask everyday to at least collect the black substance which is so highly radioactive.

Minamisoma City Assembly of June hookup at 10am today 
Ôyama questions are on June 20 around 13h30 
( Please understand the possibility of a slight change in the hour) 

Courtesy : Koichi Ôyama 

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  1. I have this video on my blog. Tatsuhiko Kodama san is my hero. The emotions in his voice... It's terrible, just inhumane that decision-makers seem to be deaf. But as long as there are such people like this gentleman - there is hope for Japan.