The Mayor of Fukushima Prefecture overlooked the information of SPEEDI?

original text from blog of Emiko Numauchi (Numayu) in Minamisoma City 30.05.2012 

This morning when i saw the Nippon Television Network Corporation TV NEWS 24, i was stunned.
The Mayor of Fukushima apologized at NAIIC (National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Inverstigation Commission) that "As he had so many informations, he overlooked the informations of SPEEDI." 
But it's a nuclear plant accident. It's true that the Tsunami damage was absolute folly but normally at first he could have searched for the informations realted to the nuclear power plant?
The Mayor apologized at the scene of NAIIC.
" I'm sorry for the citizens of Fukushima Prefecture, i made you worry." 
Mayor Sato, what do you mean by…
To who do you apologize? Do you think if you say it on TV, that the citizens in Fukushima Prefecture can accept the situation?
It's just a word inside the TV! It is too late to apologize and there is nothing we can do…
And what citizens in Fukushima Prefecture incurred was not something to worry about but to be exposed to radiation.
In the morning of 3.11, for the inhabitants of Futaba City which is inside the 3km zone were suddenly declared over the community wireless system "to evacuate to Kawamata City" and that the wind was breezing at furious speed in direction of Kawamata City. 
Why at that time they didn't let people evacuate to the north?
It was possible to evacuate people to Soma City. Actually my husband came back home which is placed in the North West from nuclear power plant. 
And it was closer as well… And even if it can make the panic of people why they didn't ask the citizens of Fukushima Prefecture to evacuate outside of the Fukushima Prefecture? If it's true that Mayor of Fukushima Prefecture overlooked the information of SPEEDI, he's just an inefficient mayor. And if he didn't informed purposefully to citizens in Fukushima by "the other reasons", it's a criminal act deserving as war criminal.
He must have knew about the information of SPEEDI because he commutes from Yamagata Prefecture to Fukushima Prefecture everyday.

courtesy : Emiko Numauchi

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