The restart of the Ôi Nuclear Power Plant : in front of Prime Minister's Office 2700 mad citizens : "The public opinion is so obvious"

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal Article by Miyako Suwa 02.06.2012 

One could not even see the end of the tail of protesters flow in the street. Ear-deafening chant slogans like "We are opposed to the restart!" were yelled, expressing the voice of discontent. = June 1st in front of Prime Minister Office. Photo by Miyako Suwa

"The decision was made all by my responsibility" PM Noda rodomontade and which is now on the start line to restart Ôi Nuclear Power Plant reactor 3, reactor 4. As The Union of Kansai Government officially accepted to restart the nuclear power plant, it came to be only waiting for the government fire a gun.

On the 1st of June in the afternoon, about 2700 protesters gathered in front of the Prime Minister's office wanting to stop the government from restarting the nuclear power plant. (The promoter is Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes). Every friday they protest but today the human chain was much longer and there was full of heated atmosphere. 
If another nuclear accident happens, Japan is over!" We could painfully feel the people's fear of danger.
"A large number of people like this gathered and they protest against restarting a nuclear power plant! The public opinion is so obvious. What do you think of human life?" a man in his business suit screamed at the top of his lungs with a microphone. 
Many people gathered there calling each others by using Twitter and Facebook. There's no mobilization neither associations or affiliations related.
Each protester put his own voice straightly on the microphone.
"Prime Minister Noda is saying that it's his responsibility and he decides to restart but how can he take his responsibility? Who took the responsibility for Fukushima Nuclear Accident!!" A man who works as a driver (28 years old) was also shouting.
A 38 years old woman threw her opinion to the nerve center of the government power: "I love my nephew. I want to protect his future! I definitely want you to stop to the restart of the nuclear plant!"
The public opinion was the word repeated by protesters several times. Prime Minister Noda and his cabinet who ignore totally this public opinion and who strike out to restart the nuclear power plant put people's angriness and distrustful to the government to the extreme.
The black lies of Nuclear Energy got revealed one after another.
"There is no importance for establishing a seismic isolated ridge", "no vent". There's only no and not important and they restart the most dangerous nuclear power plant? I wonder if PM Noda can't feel to be stared at with stern eyes, not only by people in Japan, but also by everybody in the whole world ?

Courtesy :  Miyako Suwa

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