Please Diffuse! Are we the Guinea pigs after all? 

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As if they just want the datas… 

Page 9 in the PDF 
Constitution of The Research Facilities for Radiation Application 
Actual Condition
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Accident caused significant anxiety to civic life while the pertinent informations about the radioactive Ray are so complicated. It is the result of is the result from many part of the effects on health caused by radiation exposure haven't reached to sufficient clinical use as an epidemiological research, and many part of the research still have to be ascertained.This, more specifically our city reached to have the significant implication as a field to demonstrate the effect of the radiation on the human body or on the environment, we can seize it and we have to make efforts for the resolution. 
It's just deviated, ignoring the needs of the residents, and doing some imitative depiction.

There's so many people who have sore throats and scratchy throats.
I feel uneasy about the amount of radioactive substance are floating in the air. 
In fact the dust monitoring and fallout investigation are evidently fake.

First, The Dust monitoring Investigation 
At the Minamisoma City Assembly meeting in March, the former chief of the public room gave an answer with loaded words. "We have made the research of 90min of measurement in 11 different places since last year but every result was not detectable."As anticipated, it came out to be they were measuring inside the yards of nursery schools where they take off the topsoil as decontamination. They put new clean soil and put some light and fine sand which scattesr away all the time with the wind and doesn't accumulate even if there's a shower of fallout substances.

His answer was only the result of measuring the yard of nursery schools. 
This can not be a serious indication for urban areas where children live.
I pointed it out but they still don't make any measure on school roads neither in any urban area.
What are they thinking about, those officials who head the boards of education?

From the very start, this investigation was to catch the aerosol and the smoke in the beginning of the explosion, using a machine which suction power is even less stronger than a vacuum cleaner. Put the filter paper on the entrance of suction and then draft air. It's not adapted to big particles like soil dust which was stirred up. It means the Education Ministry made an early declaration of no radiation exposure from soil dust stir up. From this we can see their objective was different from the beginning.

Then what are they measuring for? To collect the flesh aerosol?
They miss the whole point. Too late to do that. Even it's because of they didn't do it when it was really necessary at the beginning… 
With this idea that the "soil doesn't stir up" and this way of measuring "Dust Sampling" even if the soil sticks to the filter paper, when one switcesh off, it will be removed and will fall…

Even at the time of the strong seasonal winds, the result is not detectable. 
Will we be able to understand the logic?
I imagine that the ones who know the logic and make the measurings must feel terrible. 

I think there's much more fallout substances which were vacuumed up for 24 hours with 1,000m3 dust sampler than the fallout substances which have fallen down on the basin of 30cm diameter for 24 hours.
In fact there must be a bigger quantity of dust at the 1,000m3 suction, unless something very unusual happens, than fallout substances of 24h.
Even if there's a strong wind, there must be much more dust on the soil than floating eight meters above the ground. 

Please look at figure 2 on the PDF. It was collected eight meters above the ground. It's the quantity of the substances on the water of the basin stained through a membrane filter of 5 to 10cm.

Although there's more soil dust flying on land surface, the reason why the dust sampler result is always non detectable is because on the filter which is on the set up vertical, the soil dust doesn't stick on the filter.
On figure 2, everybody can imagine if the dust must be fallen when it was dried, when they set it up vertically and when they switch off the suction.

I may tell you as well that it's the way to measure to have a non detectable result .

The second part is about the measuring of fallout substances at fixed intervals.
It's not possible to catch the stirred up soil dust which is connected to the soil which are big particles and there's only one place in Fukushima Prefecture where they do the fallout substance measuring 8m above the ground. (Thanks for the information, I made sure of it as well.)
The medias don't report the fact neither.

Then they are measuring for what? I asked to the person in charge. 
He answered: "It's the measuring method when there's nuclear experiments in foreign countries".
……….I lost my words.

As a citizens group, from our own standpoint, we are "Collecting the substances by wipping up the surface at a certain altitude and from a certain surface" and "filter the fallout substances with a basin". And we are collecting the paper filters.

There's so much accumulated information encapsulations and imitative deceptions. 

Tepco, Japanese Government, professors and medicines have been bought by Gouvernement!
I know that you are doing all this while knowing exactly what you are doing! 
With this "willful and wanton negligence" I won't let you say anything now !

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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