Please Diffuse! The Police and the antiriot police clamp down on citizens : June 4 The visit of Minister Hosono in Fukui Prefecture / To restart Ôi Nuclear Power Plant

Original text from blog of Non-Governmental Organization Energy and Ecology Vision for Sustainable Society 06.06.2012 http://e-miraikousou.jimdo.com/

Please Check out those photos of Police and the protesters at Minister Hosono's visit in Fukui Prefecture 

Today on June 6, tons of citizens gathered to protest against Minister Hosono who visited Fukui Prefecture to force the restart of Ôi Nuclear Power Plant which has no margin of safety. 
Although the meeting started at 5:15 pm, when i arrived at 2 pm the police was blocking the bridge in front of the front gate of Fukui Prefectural Government by making a column and told us: "Protesters can't enter".
Even non protesters who had to go inside had to show their identity card. 
At that time citizens who gathered there to protest against restarting nuclear plant were only ten. Just raising the banner and playing the drums.
But then police brought the metal barrier and tried to make a full blockade.
Some young people protested against the act and they sit down in front of the barrier. The police called their riot squad and they dragged out only 3 or 4 young people by force.
The young people tried again several times to sit down but each time the police squad came to reject with violence and finally they made the full blockade of the bridge.

Then Taro Yamamoto arrived at the front entrance of the prefectural Government and appealed with a local young artist, Sing J Roy, "We are just taking an action with no violence", " Please protect The Fukui Prefecture". Taro Yamamoto continued the peaceful protest and there was no trouble at the front gate.

Minister Hosono finally went inside the prefectural government from the prostern gate and at this moment the police squad violently rejected some young people and also used coercive pressure on the women who were just raising a banner and made them stay far from the gate.
From this, some young people were injured although it was not so serious. 

After the meeting the car of Minister Hosono came out from the front gate. To the appeal of Taro Yamamoto, we didn't face off against the police and their riot squad and stayed back at the designated area and we just shouted: "Oppose to restarting the nuclear power plant!", "Minister Hosono!"

I really don't think we need to reject only ten citizens who just shout "We don't want to restart nuclear power plant" and " We are scared about the radiation" by hundreds of police officers and their riot squad.
Although there are so many victims who still suffer in the field and also in the evacuated towns because of the nuclear plant accident in Fukushima…
It's quite evident that people are afraid of restarting nuclear power plants and we have the right to observe and protest against the process increasing what happened during Minister Hosono's visit in Fukui Prefecture this time. 

Please send your protest voice and oppose to restart nuclear power plant to the Police of Fukui Preceture, Fukui Prefectural Government, Governor Nishikawa and to Minister Hosono.

The contact informations are listed below : 
** Please send them clinical opinions not verbal abuse.

The Prefectural force in Fukui Prececture 
TEL : 0776-22-2880  Email : kenkei@pref.fukui.lg.jp
The Public Safety Commission of Fukui Prefecture 
Department of Measure of Nuclear Safety of Fukui Prefecture 
TEL : 0776-20-0314   FAX : 0776-21-6875  Email : gennan@pref.fukui.lg.jp
The Governor of Fukui Prefecture Issei Nishikawa 
FAX : 0776-20-0622 at Fukui Prefecture Citizen service " Letter for the Governor " 
(How to complain to the Fukui Prefectural Police)
People who want to complain against the mandamus of employee of Fukui Prefectural Police can also send written documents.
        17-1 SANCHO ME OOTE FUKUI City  910-8515  JAPAN   
Please write down your name and postal address and telephone number with signature and the detail of the complaint when and how it happened.             
Noda (Prime Minister)
PM's Office TEL:03-3581-0101 FAX 03-3581-3883 
Opinion Mail forms :
National Diet Office : TEL03-3508-7141    FAX03-3508-3441
Local Office :  TEL047-496-1110   FAX047-496-1222
Goshi Hosono (The Minister of the Environment and The Minister of State for the Corporation in support of Compensation for Nuclear Damage) 
National Diet Office : TEL03-3508-7116     FAX03-3508-3416
Local Office :  TEL0559-91-1269      FAX0559-91-1270
Write your Personal Opinion to Hosono : http://goshi.org/contact/   (It's in Japanese but 1.your name 2.your mail 3. subject 4. your opinion and you can write your message in English as well)
Write your opinion about the environmental policy of The Ministry of the Environment
Minisiter of the Environment English Mailing form : https://www.env.go.jp/en/moemail/
Courtesy : Uiko Hasegawa : Energy and Ecology Vision for Sustainable Society

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