Renew the contract with Tepco "The new price after the increase is the basic premise"

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Dr.Yamazaki accusing the sales staff of Tepco (two persons on the left on the photo) of being reponsible for the increase of the price : June 18 in Urawa District in Saitama City : Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
"I can't accept the unilateral increase of the price of electricity fare by Tepco". On June 18, a doctor in Saitama Prececture accused the sales staff of Tepco of being responsible for the fare increase in front of the media. "We will not close a contract expect for the new price after advance in price" The share monopoly constitution of Tepco was founded out. Tepco have sent Takao Ozawa, the manager of The prime sales and marketing group of the Saitama branch office, to the Doctor's place. The doctor was accompanied by a lawyer. 
The health clinic of surgery and urinology managed by Dr. Toshihiko Yamazaki is a user of "the contract for freelance" of 6,000V (high pressure for business). He consumes 7,237kwh of electricity and pay 146,843 yens a month (In March 2012). In February, a document called "New contract of electricity demand and supply" was sent to Yamazaki health clinic from Tepco's Saitama branch office. Dr.Yamazaki didn't see the mail. From the adhesive terms and conditions of the electricity demand and supply, the contract between Tepco and the customer for the freelance category must be renewed every year. For Yamazaki health clinic the contract with the former price ended on March 31. According to Mr.Ozawa, the manager of Tepco,"the demand for Yamazaki health clinic have been stopped since April 1st". The contract doesn't exist anymore. Dr.Yamazaki can't pay for the electricity even if he wanted to. But the electricity still continues to be provided. The lawyer of Dr.Yamazaki asked "from which basis shall we pay for the electricity when there's no contract?". Tepco side didn't answer that, they just said: "It's a difficult question…". The lawyer accused: "why can't you accept the bill which is until March 31 with the former price?". Tepco side answered: "To renew the contract is the basic premise". It shows that their position is that they will not accept the bill unless it's with the new increased price." 
The end of the electricity supply crosses the mind. Dr.Yamazaki asked: "Isn't there any possibility that Tepco stops the contract and the supply one day?". Tepco side answered: "we want to continue the negotiation and continue to supply the electricity". They showed that they will continue to provide electricity. The side of Dr.Yamazaki said: "we are not telling that we will not pay. We just want a written document of the reason why you increased the price." But Tepco's side just explained orally: "From the nuclear plant accident…".
Dr. Yamazaki looking at Tepco's Electricity meter : Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
According to Mr. Ozawa, the manager of Tepco, there's 210 000 to 220 000 offices inside Tepco's province which are this contract for freelance as Yamazaki Health Clinic. Mr.Ozawa explained that "90% of them signed the contract with the new price". But we can't be sure that what he said was true. I wonder what will be the response of Tepco if the 210000 to 220000 offices didn't sign the contract as Dr.Yamazaki? Tepco got the ballooning cost burden of compensations for the victims and decommissioning works. Because of it has been nationalized to avoid bankrupt, the burden of expenses will be financed from the national treasury. By our hard-earned tax money. It is high possible that the increase of the price will continue fitfully. This is the absolutely terrible for the users. To make Tepco unable to increase the price easily, we need to avoid from signing the contract with submission. We don't have to be worry because while the contract continues, the electricity will be supplied. "I will continue to ask the question everyday until i can understand why Tepco has increased the price." Dr. Yamazaki didn't lose his position in the combat.
Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka 

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