My husband was asked to charge into his office inside the 3.5km zone around the Nuclear Power Plant

Original text from blog of Emiko Numauchi (Numayu) in Minamisoma City 08.06.2012 

It happened yesterday. This is the third time (June and September last year and this time)…

In such a situation just a "document" has got no importance…

This time his exposure dose was 5 micro sievert for three hours and half of stay.
The zone closer to the plant was about 120000 becquerels at the beginning of the accident and became lower than 3000 becquerels today.
But it is said that the value will probably not decent anymore. 
In Futaba City: 3-4 micro sievert.
Ôkuma City: 20-30 micro sievert.
It depends on the places but those amounts of radiation still exist.
This is not circumstances in which humans can live. I heard a lot about malformations of animals. But animals have the ability to adapt to the nature under any condition they were born. But what if it happens to humans? They will be looked at with a great deal of curiosity because of their differences. 
The other day a man living in Kantô region called me.
He's a man who sincerely thinks that "this country is insane."
The Japanese Government of today looks like an airplane which lost control and is close to crash on the surface of the ocean.
Although people in Japan got serious thoughts, the national politics stay in the air castle. 
They don't have grounded policy. 
At the Nuclear plant, the reactor 4 exploded, we can even see fuel rods immersed in water.
Moreover, what does the Japanese Government mean by "Let's burn the radioactive debris all over Japan"?!
80% of people in Iwate Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture are telling in the news "we want to dispose it in our own land".
It's not just "debris" but there are also their "houses". There are also "mementos" inside it.
Why can't the Japanese Government understand that those people want to have them return their own land at the very least?
Why doesn't the Japanese Government establish the incineration plants in those two prefectures? 
Even about the cost, it would be lower enough if they do so.
How will they transport the debris without spreading the radiation everywhere?… 
Debris which measures 100 becquerels become 4000 becquerels after the incineration.
Does the Japanese Government want to spread the radiation all over Japan?

Courtesy : Emiko Numauchi

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