Declaration to restart nuclear power plant : Prime Minister, making the Myth of security to the public, is the manager of public relations of Japan's Nuclear Village

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 08.06.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/06/0004457「再稼働反対」を叫ぶ参加者たち。『怒り』の一文字に参加者たちの気持ちが込められていた。=8日午後6時、首相官邸前。写真:田中撮影=

Protesters who are shouting "Against to restart the nuclear power plant". The feelings of participants shown in the word "Anger", 8 May, 6pm in front of The Prime Minister's Office. Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
The speech of Prime Minister Noda on May 8 at 6pm echoed on the street in front of Prime minister's office through the radio. "My decision is to restart the reactor 3 and 4 to protect people's life in Japan." When PM Noda made the declaration, the protesters who gathered in front of the PM office shouted at the same time. Protesters stained their voice and repeated one sentence: "Oppose to restart the nuclear power plant". It was like a rumbling of the earth. The slogan continued to be yelled in chorus for 35 minutes. The protest meeting is on every friday (Promoted by Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes) but today even before to start the meeting people trained with uncommon tension because of the declaration of Prime Minister Noda had been scheduled. "I'm shaking with anger. It's wrong to restart the plant on all accounts. Everyone in mass communication, please report it! Report that every nuclear power plants have to be decommissioned!" A man (an employee age 30 living in Tokyo )who approached on the microphone at first made an appeal out of breath. A woman in her sixties (Living in Fujisawa City in Kanazawa Prefecture) said: "I'm from the generation of The Japan-U.S. Security Treaty in the 70's. Our regret is we've let establish so many nuclear power plants in Japan. Mothers who give birth to children never want to restart the nuclear power plant. I think it must be the same for mother of Prime Minister Noda."
Citizens who uphold the placard of "Oppose to restart nuclear power plant" looked like they will surge ahead to the office of Prime Minister. Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
There were many citizens who rushed over by leaning about PM's declaration to restart nuclear plant on TV. The line of the protesters which fill the street was longer than in any previous meeting.The tail end was close to The Roppongi Street. I asked the distance from the beginning and the tail end to the police who was directing the traffic, he answered "About 200m i guess".
The number of protesters was the largest ever, 4000 people. (Publication by Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes) "I can't forgive, i can't pronounce a word because of the anger, Don't pass people's tongue over." A woman in her thirties living in Tokyo spitted out when she recognized that i was a journalist. A woman of nine months pregnant participated to the protest but she felt ill and left the line. Her last word was "Never let the nuclear power plant restart". Old people, young people and pregnant women are opposed to restart the nuclear power plant. PM Noda boasted that "If a tsunami and an earthquake like the ones who attacked Fukushima happens, we have got the provision, the system and we are equipped to prevent an accident. Even in the case of the electric power supply is lost, it's confirmed that it will never reach to the core damage." Prime Minister is making The New Myth of security of Nuclear Power Plant to the public. I wonder if The Prime Minister works as a manager of public relations of Japan's Nuclear Village in this country, in Japan?

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka

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