Minamisoma City General Hospital

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 01.06.2012 http://mak55.exblog.jp/15964610/

Video : May 31 Koichi Oyama filming at Minamisoma City General Hospital.

Many authoritative doctors from Tokyo University who study the internal exposure and talk about it but at the bicycle shed i can see those charcoal gray algae spreader.

Inside the whole parking it's about 2 micro sievert to 3 micro sievert. But i understood that behind the bicycle shed it's quite high. There's a spot of 4,2 micro sievert. Those very black depositions are high.

In short, 1 micro is 100000 becquerels so there's 40000 becquerels accumulated.

Those are dry and they are 350000 becquerels because it measures about 3 micro sievert. Minamisoma City General Hospital, the lighthouse does not shine on its base.

They don't recover radioactive isotope on the ground and the patients go inside out of the hospital but they should recover before to turn defiant because it's inside the radiation controlled area. 
Do you really think that it's not necessary to recover this? It can cause a problem of trustful relation before the medical ethic.
Rational thinking of all the world finds that it's wrong.

courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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