Collapse of The Democratic Party who doesn't listen to people's voice : Hell is waiting for Noda's executive office

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 26.06.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/06/0004567

"If PM Noda breaks his manifesto and raises the consumption tax, we can't fight for election" Assembly members who have the anger and critical feeling who rise in rebellion made the executive office of Democratic Party is in an extremely precarious situation.=June 20 General Meeting of Party Members of Both Houses of the Diet at the Parliamentary Museum: Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
The Democratic Party started to become meaningless. Today at the lower house plenary session voted for the "Bill to increase the consumption tax rate" and 57 members of The Democratic Party voted "no". Most part of the democratic party and Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito members voted yes and the bill passed the lower house.
About many members who rise in rebellion, Prime Minister Noda raised his voice at press conference, "It was the restrictions on party debate. I'll respond harshly to it". He must be really angry because 57 members opposed to the bill in which PM Noda "risks his own political life". The reprimand was left entirely up to Azuma Koshiishi, the party general secretary.

It will only be hell waiting for Noda's executive office whether it will be clean out harshly or gently. 
If he expels 57 members, the Democratic Party will become a minority government in the lower house and the bill of no-trust motion against the Cabinet will pass. 
If he takes a gently clean out, Tanigaki Liberal Democratic Party will not corporate for the "Bill to increase the consumption tax rate" in the lower house. Because LDP's purpose in the basis is to put away Ichiro Ozawa (the former head of Dem) and to become a grand coalition to take the hegemony. 

If Sadakazu Tanigaki, the general director of LDP doesn't move he will be kept in agony as well. He has to ask for disbandment before the election of the president of the Liberal Democratic Party which is scheduled in September. Yoshiro Mori, the Former Prime minister and Makoto Koga, the former executive head of DLP will have problem if Tanigaki stands for Nobutaka Machimura, the Former Chief Cabinet Secretary. 
Those doyens just don't want to lose their power for the benefit of the young generation, there will be tightening of control over faction members and it will produce some effects. 
Ozawa's administration is more than aware about the trend of LDP and is preparing the establishment of a new political party. Will he become with Ishin Party or another opposition party? Ozawa (The former head of Dem) said at the unexpected press conference,"Snap general election is scheduled to held soon" and Shozo Azuma, the executive secretary of Ozawa group, said strongly at the press conference, "the next evolution will be started by the assembly members who gather around Mr.Ichiro Ozawa".

If PM Noda gives his own head and creates a coalition government mainly organized by LDP the situation above will be avoided. The possibility is not zero. And it will permit the lower house members of Democratic Party to stay as National Diet members for one more year. One way or another the countdown for the disappear of The Democratic Party administration in Nagata City has already started. It's the natural result of Kan and Noda governments who didn't listened to people's opinion.Most of the members who voted against to increase the consumption tax rate are also against the restarting of the nuclear power plant. 
A new administrations will appear on the scene, but if they don't listen to the echoes of the voice of the people in front of PM's Office every friday they will just take the same path as PM Noda's administration did.

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka 

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