"The demonstration of the reject of PM Noda" in his hometown "We'll never let you restart the nuclear power plant PM NOda!"

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 24.06.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/06/0004554
JR総武線の先頭車両は、脱原発勢力にOccupyされた。=24日、写真:田中撮影=The lead vehicle of JR Somu Line was occupied by the denuclearization force. = June 24: Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka

"I hope that someone will start the movement to reject Prime Minister Noda".

It was the last tweet of Mr. Kazuo Hizumi (a lawyer and a journalist) who passed away on June 12. Mr.Hizumi, who has been working hard to point objections to Tepco's responsibility until the verge of death was thinking that we can't stop the nuclear power without rejecting the politicians who permitted the restart of a palnt.

Today the "Demonstration of The Demand for The denuclearization and the reject of PM Noda" which took over the task of Mr.Hirumi was held in PM Noda's hometown, Funabashi City in Chiba Prefecture. "Denuclearization Suginami" The promoter of Kôenji denuclearization parade and "Denuclearization Nakano" and "Stop nukes demonstration" and "Denuclearization Funabashi (alias) promoted the protest. 
Most of the expeditionary team from Tokyo took the train in collusion of JR Sômu line at 12h43pm (starting station Mitaka to terminal station Tsudanuma). The lead vehicle was filled with protesters with yellow T-shirts and the placard "Oppose to restarting nuclear power plants" waved by the roll of the train.
"I have been anxious for a year and three months. For the future of children, we must definitely stop the restart of nuclear power plants. We collected the petitions and went to The Ministry of Health, labor and Welfare and also to The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, "MEXT" but i think the demonstration is the most effective thing to do. Today,I feel like venturing into enemy's territory". A mother who took the train at Kisshôji Station talked with blood rushing to her cheeks.
The mother took out the transistor megaphone when she passed through the ticket gate of Nishi-Funabashi Station. "Oppose to restart nuclear power plants!", "Resign Noda!", she walked with other fellow women yelling a slogan in chorus to the Nishifuna neighborhood park where the meeting was held.

The revolt against PM Noda of the local electorates was stronger than in Tokyo. A housewife in her thirties living in Yakuendai in Funabashi City (where the office of PM Noda stands), "I want PM Noda who ignores the voice of people to quit as soon as possible. I'm so ashamed of him as a citizen of Funabashi City!", she shouted at the top of her voice. A woman in her forties who is working for an anti-nuclear movement talked showing a strong anger. "I thought that Noda was a politician close to the citizens when he was making his speech at the train station. When he became Prime Minister, he said he was "addicted to denuclearization" and i trusted his word but he betrayed us. I want him to give me back the vote of nationwide election of 2009!"

The demonstration of "REJECT NODA" worked out by the last words of Mr.Kazuo Hizumi. (Written "Dear Kazuo Hizumi, are you watching us? We are protesting in Funabashi City right now!!"= At Nishifuna neighborhood park. Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka.

2200 Protesters (Issued by the promoter) uphold the placards of "PM Noda will become just an ordinary pig when he'll be rejected"*, "Restarting the nuclear power plant is Noda!" and paraded into the residential neighborhood and shopping areas in Funabashi City. It is abnormal that the movement of reject happens in the electoral zone of Prime Minister. Advance in price of Consumption tax, TPP(Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership) and the restarting of nuclear power plant. PM Noda's regime took only the policies which set the people's nerves on edge. He doesn't seem to have any divergent views of the country. It's the election he'll get paid back for his appropriates. It will be unparalleled in History if a politician who experienced to be the prime minister will be rejected. 

Mr.Noda (Constituency No.4 in Chiba Prefecture) and Yoshito Sengoku,The Surrogate of Chairman of the Policy Research Council (Constituency No.1 in Tokushima Prefecture) and Yukio Edano,The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (Constituency No.5 in Saitama Prefecture) Right now, there's a secret plan in progress to send thug candidates to those electoral zones.

Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka

*Translator's note : PM Noda is often called Noda Buta which means Noda the pig.

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