Koichi Oyama at Minamisoma City Council on June 2011

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 06.06.2012 

We were let to live in the place where it was such a mess. 

Finally i found the conference proceedings of The Emergency Operations center at Minamisoma City Council.They were telling a lot of lies by circumstances.How could the mayor Sakurai tell "Until that time it was stay indoor evacuation zone"?Although he have evacuated 5000 people by bus... .On 25 March 2011 at the Chief Cabinet Security conference Yukio Edano made a request of voluntary evacuation to the residents but Mayor Sakurai didn't,it means he didn't understand.

Maybe he had been manipulated by business operators until April 22 because of the vague demand for voluntary evacuation of the government.

Even if we wanted to evacuate, as it was voluntary evacuation, local officials neither organization employees couldn't have evacuate. Employees transfered without family and holdovers couldn't act against business operators.Their children were also sacrificed.
I was often asked by people to give advices for their disaffectedness about this.

Why Mayor Sakurai was elected by reducing his salary?He wanted to reform the budget and administration, wasn't he? He was already on the side of the government at that time.

About the reduce of the salary of public officers, the mayor and the Democratic Party didn't fulfilled their campaign pledge.

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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