What Disaster Countermeasures Office of Prefecture Fukushima has been doing?

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 10.06.2012 http://mak55.exblog.jp/16025672/

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In front of Disaster Countermeasures Office of Prefecture Fukushima 
In front of Fukushima Prefectural Office: Over 3 million Bq. Pity.. Expectation proved right 
For the citizens of Fukushima city 1 

Cesium 134+137. Unit = Bq/Kg 

Minamisoma odaka-ku  Kanaya Shimokugino  2,970,000 
Minamisoma odaka-ku  Kanaya Shimokugino    522,000 
Minamisoma odakaku           5,570,000 
Minamisoma odakaku Kamimachi         793,000 
Minamisoma odakaku Honmachi        430,000 
Minamisoma odakaku Honmachi         580,000 
Hirono-cho                 43,917 
Hirono-cho (In front of the government office)    247,136 
Hirono-cho (In front of the station)         142,794 
Hirono-cho, Simokitasako            255,161 
Miharu-cho Nishikata Nakanouchi (Miharu Dam)   239,325 
Nihonmatsu-city Kamegai          2,061,446 
Nihonmatsu-city Kodakouchi          565,767 
Nihonmatsu-city Nakae           227,315 
Fukushima-city Sugitsuma-cho (Prefectural Office)  3,148,238 
Motomiya-city Motomiyayarai          398,995 
Bandaimachi Sarashina aza takamatsudaira (Mt.Bandaisan Service Area) 34,600 
Ryo-zenmachi              757,000 
Date-city Fushiguro Miyamoto         431,917 
O-tama mura Tamai               565,767 
Ko-riyama-city Hayama (Near a library)  563,824 
Ko-riyama-city Hayama (Near Fukushima local court)  253,292 

I wonder how much Bq it is going to be if Plutonium and Strontium are included. 
So terrifying. I don't need them to fly over on me. 

I feel deeply regret that the radioactive materials that have been released from Fukushima-Daiichi won't be recovered, and they are just going to be taken into our bodies. 
If they need a temporal storage, I don't mind offering my place, though my neighbors who live some hundred meters away will be against it. 

Minamisoma City is promoting a public understanding (of building a temporal storage), however, on the other day,  I asked our business news desk to send a contaminated material to Hiroshima University. Later on, they brought it to the Board Bureau saying that they got no budget for sending it. (Shipping cost is only a few hundred yen, so they don't need a budget. They just don't want to do that) 

The Board Bureau called me again on the next day to tell me to come to fetch it as soon as possible. Having a contaminated material in the office does not contribute to the air dose rate, as Professor. Kodama or Mr. Sakurai said. However, the chief of bureau was worried about it. He is the one who insists the need to promote a public understanding for the temporal storage, and to have a right fear of the radiation. 

This is the reality. 

By the way, the volunteers group who recover the radioactive materials accepted my participation, but I wonder where I should store them. I have to find a place where I can gain agreement with my neighbors. 

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama


In front of Disaster Countermeasures Office of Prefecture Fukushima 29.03.2012

Black Cyanophyceae / In front of the Disaster Countermeasures Office of Fukushima Prefecture 

Thank you for your comment.

As you said, all the other municipal governments are same as Minamisoma: Not giving priority to the citizen's lives 

Is the intention of Government of Minamisoma to stay here, or to die in a mass suicide? Living beings are accumulating radioactive materials in their bodies. Why don't they collect them instead of spreading them. Cyanophyceae (blue-green algae) has more intelligence than our local government. 

The nuclear accident has not ended, but is still going on. 
Decontamination works go nowhere because they can't find where to store them. Only "PLAN" is exhibited repeatedly, and they don't notice that biological concentration is increasing air dose around us. Or even they do, they pretend not to see.
Our lungs are not bug filters. 
When they decontaminate by blowing, they should aspire to recover radioactive materials. Otherwise, people might inhale them. 

For calling for attention, I use mSV which is the most familiar unit. 
However, we need to start using Bq instead of SV, as Bq indicates internal exposure while SV is for external exposure.
Highly contaminated materials coming from Cyanophyceae are observed everywhere.
The Government should collect them as soon as possible and measure the level of contamination concentration. 
In general, the contamination level of algae seems to increase directly with air dose. 

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

In front of Fukushima Prefectural Office: Over 3 million Bq. Pity.. Expectation proved right 

Black Cyanophyceae @ Fukushima Prefectural Government measures 19μSv

The administration leave radioactive materials that have been blown in topsoil removal. They have no idea what they are doing. 
Assume that the contamination level is 3,000.000Bq/Kg, contamination per a teaspoon (1g) is 3,000Bq.
Mr. Yuhei Sato, governor of Fukushima should collect the algae while they are wet. When they get dry, they will start spreading radioactive spores. 

Black Cyanophyceae @ Fukushima Prefectural Government By the front gate measures ,μSv

We can't leave it like this, Mr. Sato!
Contamination level per 1g is 1,000Bq. 
It seems that the contamination level at this place is no less than 1.500.000Bq/Kg
They can't say that they conducted decontamination properly by just blowing. 
They recognize that biological concentration is going on, and monitor air dose, while pretending not to see that the algae is releasing high-dose radiation everywhere. 
They should start indicating in Bq instead of SV, because the more severe problem now is internal exposure. 

Mr. Sato has wasted a big amount of tax for setting monitoring posts and topsoil removal. 
Stop wasting tax and please don't make children inhale radioactive spores. 

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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