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Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 11.06.2012 http://mak55.exblog.jp/16033937/

I felt a sense of caution over today's TV-Asahi report and articles of Asahi-affiliated Weekly AERA, as well as those who are involved in such press reports. 

The authorities want to make people believe that the black materials, which release an intense radiation, is not a living thing (alga) but the soil. That is why the topic about biological concentration is not covered in media. Do they want to get rewarded by lying to the mass? 
In March, TV-Asahi covered biological concentration in a night news show. Their crew stayed in Minamisoma for 3 days, invited a professor to my atelier who identified "Blue-green alga" as a causative agent. Up to then, they were doing well...

We cannot fake nature.
However, Asahi distorted the finding and it presented false information that the algae were observed only in puddles. 

Later on, the level of contamination in Minamisoma increased from 1 million Bq to 3.43 million, to 4.20 million and then to 5.5 million, and moreover, Plutonium or Strontium were detected. I tried to contact TV-Asahi many times, but they never responded. 

Along with the release of the latest issue of Weekly AERA, TV-Asahi and TBS reported that the clod of earth that was gathered in a park in Tokyo released an intense radiation. 

The Communist Party in Tokyo measured the black material (alga) gathered in a parking of Minamoto park. 



Another reference
(I don't believe that no scientist studies black materials but they just pretend not to see) 


I don't think any of my blog readers are idiots, but I know some pro-nuke agents are visiting here, so I will make an easy and clear explanation. 

"Long time ago, when villagers were planting rice, a goblin in mountain laid a fart and the rice paddies were filled with the fart. It smelled so bad everyone ran away. They came back there in autumn, and harvested a crop, but rice smelled still bad and they could not eat it." 

"After land preparation, radioactive substances came into the puddle,  and algae, which live everywhere, have taken them in." 

The authorities intend not to remind the mass of "Natural Circulation". 
Snails or bugs eat the radio-contaminated algae, which, in a next step, are eaten by mouses, for example. Thus contamination is spreading. 

Fields are also a part of the natural circulation.
Even if the topsoil removal operation is completed, unless the whole ABUKUMA mountain area is not decontaminated, we still need to evacuate ourselves. 
Besides, decontamination takes time. 

Natural circulation is soon finishing the first round. Fields and the creatures that live there, such as frogs, weatherfishes, butterflies or flowers are all connected, and nuclides that came into the field will pass our lips at the end. 

The authorities intend not to inform us of Natural Circulation.
However, we cannot change nature. Even the people who live in the cities are doomed to be a part of it.

An earthworm measures 2 million Bq.
Its cast -13 million Bq. 

Shaft of a cedar tree - 3.000 Bq.
Its pollen dusts - 24 million Bq. 

Cesium migration Rate of Rice is said to be 0.1 
And how about blue-green algae? Scientists won't study it. 

Rice is not exceptional. 
Every plants are taking in nuclides. Blue-green algae absorb radioactive materials from asphalt or walls of a city. Not only Cesium, like rice took in Cadmium, algae may be sucking in also alpha nuclides. Moreover, Strontium, that seep underground, may be the substances that are taken in by the algae the most. 

Environmental Indication = They live anywhere and they are absorbing the poison. 
New Contamination Barometer = I reckon that this is what the authorities want to bury

Black Materials are not the soil but Algae, because they can be burned away. 
We measure 4 different test bodies, which are "blue-green algae", "blue-green algae/soil", "soil" and "polluted sludge". 
Our opponent can figure out which is the most contaminated sample in this way, but they are not making any effort. 
Media could not ignore the discovery of highly contaminated algae, however, they tried to distort it. Algae will grow again in rainy season, so they can't keep faking it saying the black materials are the clod of earth. 

By the way, I wonder around when I can collect the plants growing on the board of my atelier this year. 
It's in an evacuation recommended area here, and the radiation dose is increasing slightly with the rainfalls from the mountains. so I don't expect that the level of contamination will decrease this year. 

When can I make up my mind to give up this place? 

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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