From Fukui Prefeture : "We want Hosono The Minister of State for the Corporation in support of Compensation for Nuclear Damage to become The Prime Minister of Japan! " The prudent local officials back up Hosono?!

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 04.06.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/06/0004424

If another nuclear accident happens, there will be no future for this child. = June 4 at the front gate of Fukui Castle. Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka 
Goshi Hosono, The Minister of State for the Corporation in support of Compensation for Nuclear Damage met Issei Nishikawa, the governor of Fukui Prefecture at Fukui Prefectural Government in the early evening of June 4. It was to obtain the content from the residents to restart Ôi nuclear power plant. The Minister Hosono also brought Tsuyoshi Saito, the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary and Seishu Makino, the Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. It was to appeal the unbudging position of Government to restart the nuclear power plant.
The governor Nishikawa was furious about this idea of restarting the plant or not.
Inside the Fukui Prefectural Government an aspect is spreaded. "Prime Minister Noda and his cabinet are saying one thing to another and they won't restart the nuclear power plant. If it was the Liberal Democratic Party's government, the nuclear plant would have already been restarted." 
The meeting with Minister Hosono was at first planed to be held on June 2nd but was reported because the Governor Nishikawa had a doubt about PM Noda's nuclear plants policy.
At the meeting on June 4, The Governor Nishikawa prompted strongly that "if PM Noda can issue the pronouncement direct to the people in Japan that we need to restart nuclear power plant it will help them to feel safe." Still now inside the Fukui Prefectural Government tend to see, "the Government will not restart the plant and even if they do, it will be just for a while." It's not official yet but the prudent local officials against nuclear plant are planning to establish the factual supporters' group of Mr. Hosono. Some officials clearly show their stances of breaking with the nuclear era. Officials in Fukui Prefecture are prudents but it seems difficult for them to say clearly their wish to abandon nuclear power expect for the ones from the communist party.
The goal for the officials who back up Mr. Hosono (his local town is in Shizuoka Prefecture), although he was unelected in Fukui Prefecture, is to make him become the Prime Mister of Japan. The political circles restructuring also related to abandon nuclear power generation, we can't take our eyes off from the movement of Mr. Hosono.
Local women reunited to say stop to the restart of the nuclear power plant. Photo by Ryusaku Tanaka
One hour before the meeting of Hosono and Governor Nishikawa, there were citizens against restarting the plant who gathered in front of the prefectural government. If the Fukui Prefecture (The Governor and the assembly) accepts to restart the plant, there will be almost no hurdles left. Local residents and people living nearby strengthened their sense of danger.
There was a couple with a small baby of ten months who came from Awara City in Fukui Prefecture. "How can the Japanese Government talk about restarting the nuclear power plant? It's too soon after the accident, it's ridiculous. If a nuclear accident happens again, when my child grows up, i will never be able to apologize enough." The wife who talked so was blurred with an expression of despair .
A woman in her sixties born in Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture who is living in Fukushima City today didn't hide her anger. "I won't let restart the nuclear plant. I have my relatives living in Iwaki City. Prime Minister Noda says that the core meltdown will never happen. What is he talking about? Is he a magician, or what? If he is a magician, i just want him to make Fukushima like before." Even the opinion poll organized by mass media revealed that more than 50% of people are against restarting a nuclear plant. PM Noda's government wants to restart the plant even against the public opinion. So what kind of society do they want to create? 
Courtesy : Ryusaku Tanaka

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