People living in the land of 2.27 micro sievert…

original text from blog of Emiko Numauchi (Numayu) in Minamisoma City 29.05.2012 

The residential district in Haramachi District in Minamisoma City is a big area.
Today after the dentist, i went to see my relative's house just near by my place.
The radiation level was 2.27 micro sievert because their house is near the mountain.
I set my dosimeter to alarm when it detects over 1 micro sievert. The Joban Expressway which crosses Hara City and Soma City runs through the mountains.
I got off the road and when i took the direction to the west, the alarm rang.
Inside a car, open window. Afther measuring the place when i returned to my car with a sigh, i heard a bloody news on the radio. 
Yesterday the inhabitants of Namie City went back to their home for a temporary visit.
But one one them was found dead at his place. The cause of death was said to be suicide.
How can such a horrible thing happens? A person of Namie City talked to the camera: 
"Until when will we have to live like rootless wanderers… It's also coming over my mental limit."
The Nuclear Power Plant which is the National Policy caused this accident and the government doesn't respond after… This is the reality in Fukushima Prefecture. And still, you want to restart nuclear power plant in a country of frequent earthquakes like Japan?

courtesy : Emiko Numauchi

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  1. In a search for the 'Minamisoma blogger' I find you still writing, on a wonderful, translated website, with great articles! I will spread the word so people have another source of information. We are all praying for your health, that you and everyone will get outside assistance to stop the radiation and get supplies, relocation, and health care aid from your govt.

    The weasel words from your govt are so cold and heartless, with little help for people near the plant. May the Chernobyl Law Bill pass in parliament! It took 5 yrs. after Chernobyl to get relocation and decontamination support - too long for Japan to wait due to reactor meltdown status and debris burning. A rumor in the US suggests our govt is going to the UN with an urgent 'plan' to give assistance to stabilize the reactors.

    Many of us think about you every day! Some of us watch the cams too, with worry we do not see the real pictures. What we do see is bad enough. However, a a citizen's long shot of the plant now and then would be great- ;)

    BLESS YOU ALL for your strength in keeping Japan nuclear free.