Diffuse! The explosion of reactor 3 that anyone could understand

Original text from Blog of Koichi Oyama in Minamisoma City 14.06.2012 http://mak55.exblog.jp/16050533/

Do you know what is a reverberatory oil heater? Now it's an old style... I'll explain from the ignition to the black smoke as an example. 

We control the quantity of oil after the ignition by changing the faucet. If there's more fuel than the air dose at this moment, the black smoke will come out.

There's no black smoke in the complete combustion when the air and the fuel are mixed in the right proportion. Almost all effluvium are transparent because the soot is completely burned. 

Oppose to this, when there's not enough oxygen and it can't burn completely, the fuel increases its volume and it becomes the black smoke of low temperature and it rises.


I'm also a ceramist so i experienced the burning more than ten millions times. Of course the stove of my atelier also works with firewood so i have an independent opinion. 
1.firing  2.soils  3.workmanship  
I've been working on my creations for more than thirty years.

The firing technique is classified into oxidation, reduction, carbonization.
And the firing technique of carbonization has been restored after the researchs of old stoves, like in Echizen area, by my professor Gen Onodera who is the disciple of Kotaoji Rosanjin.

Compared to the nuclear reactors, it's just a 1300°C fire world of glass and metal but i want to applicate the technique of firing and establish a new genre and art of glazes like "Yohen-tenmoku" and so on.


About the explosion. It stinks the black smoke. The black smoke is the soot of dangerous fuel and the white smoke is the gas caused by the hydrogen explosion.
It's more dangerous when it's colored and it becomes black.
But there's more dangerous substances who fell out. 

I round them up.
On March 14 at 11h01am, the reactor 3 exploded. 
We can see 2 sorts of smokes and 3 sorts of explosions. 
At first the white smoke which fell out from the side is an hydrogen explosion (the same as for unit 1). 

Then there was the vertical black smoke who looked like a mushroom which was the unburned MOX fuel which contains plutonium and was caused by lack of oxygen supply .

So to say "Soot" (Principal body of the smoke)
Then the two red flashes caused by the explosion just before the black smoke.
This is what we say for oil stove, as we should say "ignition=inflammation".

About the soot.
The fuel which base is made of big and aerial carbon soared into the air under the form of particles. 

(Ceramists who use the wood-fired kiln discern different stages of the smoke like "purple smoke" or "black smoke".
As i see the image of the smoke, it's a black smoke made of big particles which can be seen at low temperatures.)
(As the particle of soot get finer it looks more blue and as the particle of soot get bigger, it looks more red. It's the same thing for calligraphy there's blue ink and red ink, even if the temperature is not the same, the principle of vision is the same.)

The footage reportage on TV never showed the image of the falling or the wisp after the explosion. It's top secret images.
As far as we can predict, the first response at the moment of the disaster, Government and professors bought by government have reacted to this footage information rather than to the informations of SPEEDI. 
The black smoke didn't vanish into air in a twinkle.

A mass of density and high temperature moved towards and fell for several hours. At least there are photos from inside the 30km zone of a visible mass floating in the air. 
Both of the white smoke and the black smoke fell until they vanished.
In other words "vanished" means "fallen".

The radioactive plume which even reached Tokyo might be the mass which vanished and diluted its concentration or from reactor 2 and reactor 4 (i didn't see the footage but it's impossible to imagine such a thing. "It will cause a panic". If it's such an important thing that can even create panic, we should let people know otherwise it will cause more problems…)
About the particles 
As Mr. Gundersen pointed out, two red flashes probably came from the blast of the hydrogen explosion, the fuel rods of spent fuel pool of Unit 4 reached criticality and exploded.
For example a "Flint". The stone burns by the strong shock of the moment.
It's important that the flash and the explosion are connected to the black smoke.
Even when the measuring gauges clashes inside the turbine building and strike a spark, if there is no fuel, there will be no black smoke.
This can only mean that the fuel particles themselves must have been blown away which we can't see in the image other than the black smoke.
First particles : White Smoke = vapor radionuclides which decay in a short time 
Second particle : Black Smoke = soot radionuclides mainly Alpha Rays close to the fuel.
Third particle : Alpha Rays = fuel particles itself which splattered faster than sonic speed.

-How to distinguish the professors bought by government?

Please ask them about explosion of Unit 3. 
"Why was there black smoke?" or "What is the cause of the black smoke?"
They will answer: "I don't know".
At least there must be a substance which caused a black smoke but how is it possible to practice science without researching the cause? 
It's clear that they are bought by government.
Please send the question to the professors who were bring to express their point of view.

-How to distinguish Medias and Politicians bought by government?

They never talk about "Black smoke", "Footage of the explosion", "Black substances".
It's clear that they are bought by government.

There must be the existence of MOX Fuel particles which emit the Alpha Ray that have been blown away all around with a speed faster than sound.

Please tell me if you know the size of the particles. I'll try to find out in specimen materials with a microscope!
Maybe because of the fuel particle itself is uranium and plutonium, there is no effect on health if we don't aspirate as i saw once in a footage when the experimental power reactor explosion happened in Germany, the fuel didn't radiated Gamma Ray and there's only Alpha Ray.

In other words, we can only search for it with an Alpha Rays detecting instrument.
Citizens can't find it, we can't find with the whole body counter neither.
Nobody will know if we let it?
Do we have to keep living with dangerous substances without knowing the radiation exposure? 
Minamisoma City will divide out the Gamma Ray detecting instrument to every household. But from the beginning they say "It's not an atomic explosion" so they don't research for Alpha Rays.

And then how far did it flown out with a speed faster than sound? 

Courtesy : Koichi Oyama

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